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I think I have to stop doing food blog for a while, maybe forever, so I can try to get better at only having one brain and at only being in one place at a time. I know what food is, but still don't know what is thinking, what is talking, what is typing. What are text messages, is there more than one way to tell the truth. Find me somewhere if you want to eat with me, I still like doing that. Now I'm gonna go have Pineapple Whip with Tony and Dakotah, so see ya later.
Ty -- June 5, 2010

Today I went to Wendy's for lunch, which was stupid because I was trying not to spend much money this week and it made my stomach all squishy for the rest of the day. But I was MAD and wanted to eat sumthin' greasy. The reason I was mad was because I was looking at reviews of HEART OF DARKNESS on the internet: "I'm giving this book one star because I don't like it because IT"S RACIST," like they're the first person to have noticed this. "And because the sentences are long and Joseph Conrad is racist and I only like books by people who are as not-racist as me I'm not racist." I actually haven't read it in a few years, so maybe I need to read it again to make sure I really do like it in spite of everything, instead of just thinking about my favorite parts all the time.

Also I've been drinking lots of giant sodas again. They're GOOD! Who needs teeth, who needs bones? Who needs arteries? When will I wake up, that I may drink another soda!

After work I met Guillermo at OTC, and when Rebecca didn't show up I suggested that we go eat at Pizza Hut. Is that a good joke? He spent a few minutes trying to teach me Spanish but mostly we talked about Jesus and Moses and Kierkegaard and Heraclitus the whole time.

Ty -- June 3, 2010

Now that it's summer it's even harder to sleep. I go to bed and after a while I take my shirt off and then I just start pacing around my house in the dark. I read a book for another hour, then eat some ice cream, then eat some toast, then turn the light back off. The shadows of the leaves moving across my wall, and the shadow of my head and shoulders crawling through them.

Maybe why I couldn't sleep last night is because my supper made me take a nap. I made some pasta with feta and wilted greens and when I was done eating it I immediately fell asleep for two hours. Even when I woke up I wasn't really awake, but I made myself go on a walk around the neighborhood, walking slow and thinking slow thoughts.

I celebrated Memorial Day by going swimming and eating ice cream with Phil & Dana and Jarrett & Sage and eating brats and smores and watermelon at John & April's and listening to Phil Ochs by myself and thinking about my neighbor but not talking to him. I also went to that new farm food place by Imo's on Cherry & Pickwick. They just have normal vegetables and normal meat right now. I got some ground beef because it's so small in there that I would have felt like a jerk if I didn't buy anything. They also have Missouri rice, which I don't think I've seen anywhere before. What if I had a rice paddy in my yard. I could maybe live entirely off of food grown in my own yard if I had both a rice paddy and an orange tree out there. And if I learned how to make peanut butter and if I was a chocolate factory.

At Jen and Rogan's wedding thing I ate a lot of tamales and tostadas and had an appropriate amount of tequila. For a while I was having fun but then I had to go climb around on some trains and watch the other trains go by and be by myself and for a while, but then I started to miss everyone and I went in and had fun again. Will took me home and we ate some cookies his mom had made. When Will went into the bathroom to text Colleen I went out to the yard and started eating mulberries off the tree. "Mulberries" I said. "mulberries, mole babies, moonberries; mole babies bury my mulberries." Will was smoking on the porch and he couldn't hear me.
Ty -- June 2, 2010

I was just looking at tumblr and saw some pictures of pizza and now I wish I was eating pizza. Yesterday I went to the mall and some other places to buy sunglasses and a tank top, but no one was selling any that I wanted. I got some pizza from Sbarro and tried not to be mad and it worked. But when the pizza was gone I had to keep driving all over town, this time looking for two famous books, but no one in town was selling them. Lots of people have moved away in the last week, and if there are no books in this town and no sunglasses, what am I doing here? I want to live in the jungle or by a mountain or by the ocean. Ideally all of those things together. Even when I finally found some sunglasses I was still a little mad at Springfield, but when I got home and drank some limeade on my porch and listened to my new neighbor tell someone on the phone about how much he had learned about himself while he was in prison, I decided it's not too bad of a place.
Ty -- May 30, 2010

Just got back from the taco truck. I heard about it a few weeks ago on a secret facebook group and finally remembered to go. It's way out on west Sunshine, in a parking lot where you can also buy shoes and purses and fake flowers. It seems to be run by white people? But it's pretty good. And the tacos are only $1.25. I would go pretty often if it was in a better place. Like if it was right on the square. What should really be on the square is Pineapple Whip. Has anyone ever talked to them about this.

Ty -- May 25, 2010

Planted some onions this morning that Josh gave me like a month ago. I sort of doubt they'll do anything. I don't understand how onions work, but these have just been sitting in a box for like a month. The basil and cilantro is starting to poke up though and I've been putting all the weird greens from my garden into really good stir fries with carrots and onions and spicy peanut sauce. Also like a month ago I got one of those old metal graters that looks like a cowbell and it's been my best purchase all year, it makes chopping up carrots and other stuff way faster and funner. I saw Daniel and Rogan on my way home from buying it and I showed it to them and they seemed unimpressed and just asked if I was going to soak it in bleach before I used it. I didn't. I got it at STD for like two bucks. I think we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have a flea market in town that's called STD Central.

Last night I made these veggie burger things out of black beans and mushrooms and corn chips and some other stuff and they were really really good. Dakotah was the only one who wanted to eat them with me so now I have a freezer full of them all to myself. Somehow Dakotah is always in town when I've made something that I want to share with people that no one else is interested in eating.

After that I went to a party and there were decorative sweet potatoes growing in the front yard. Phil Bridges has been telling me that they're all over town and we've been talking about pulling them up and eating them. I didn't pull up the ones last night because I didn't want to tear up Autumn's yard but when I was asleep I dreamed we dug up a wheelbarrelful from in front of some building downtown.

Rest of today is Pineapple Whip and popsicles.
Ty -- May 22, 2010

Yesterday some people cleaned out the fridge at work and threw away everyone's lunch except mine but I acted indignant on behalf of everyone else and went to Grad School with Nathan. Eric found us. I got the Cuban, it was so good.

The day before I spent the whole morning puking and didn't eat a single thing all day except at night I had a strawberry milkshake and I only had that because Guillermo gets his feelings hurt when I don't order anything.
Ty -- May 20, 2010

Friday was food day at work. I brought ice cream sandwiches and a big salad. There was fettuccine and pizza and nut rolls and banana bread and bean dip and cheese dip and probably other things. We also laid plans for another soda drinking contest, which is making sick just thinking about it, I'm way outta shape. After that I drove to Kansas City and ate steaks for Grampa Beikmann's birthday. Then the next day Joel graduated from college and we all went to Arthur Bryant's and ate giant piles of bbq. Now I'm back in Springfield and after work I went to Flame for Ryan's birthday. Really excellent burgers and fries and calamari, really normal beer. It's very strange to emerge slightly tipsy from the murky depths of the Red Room and realize that it's still light out and immediately have a confusing encounter with Rusty Worley. Hurry home and try to fix your bike, try to fix your resume and type a food blog with your greasy black fingers. Try not get mad, try not to get a headache, try not to puke.
Ty -- May 17, 2010

uuhhh what all am I supposed to be talking about.
On Saturday I hauled trash around in my truck with Ryan and ate donuts with the neighborhood organization people. None of them said anything that made me mad this time but also I intentionally didn't pay attention to most of what they were talking about. Afterwards I sat in my yard and grilled burgers and drank beers and Mexican sodas with Ryan and Josh and Phil Bowles. A truck driver stopped by to show us pictures of the inside of his truck. Cool, dude. After that I went to Jen and Rogan's new house and ate a lot of things with them and Daniel and Maggie and Alyson and Phil and John. We all had a good time together. Daniel told me I had to say that but I don't mind doing it because it's true.

On Sunday I went to the Anglican church and afterwards had the traditional donuts and soda with them. I grabbed all the cinnamon donuts for myself, like a greedy hog.

Yesterday at work there were donuts for Sara's birthday and today there were cupcakes for Sara's birthday. Koji ate white-out for Sara's birthday.

Yesterday was also my last day of school and the first day of farmshare. In between those two things I got some tomato and zucchini plants from Sage, so I finally have tomatoes in the ground, yes! While I was planting them Phil and Dana brought all the farmshare stuff over to my house and divided up giant piles of unknown leafy greens on my tiny red table, it was really funny. Later Andy came over to get his stuff. The strawberries I got were good but I haven't eaten the eggs yet. Gonna make a big ole omlette tomorrow morning, so I'll probably be even later to work than usual. I'm a couple minutes late almost every day because I'm out in my yard pulling my salad out of the ground.
Ty -- May 12, 2010

Giant Salad ft. Tiny Venison
Ty -- May 8, 2010

After I said those things about pizza I didn't order any, I decided to make some more spinach n chickpeas because it's so good and I already had all the ingredients in my house and in my yard. It has enough ingredients and steps that it feels like Real Cooking, but it's also easy enough to make that by my third time making it I didn't have to look at the recipe at all.

The day after that though I did get to eat pizza. Me and Nathan went to Minsky's. I had never been there before but Nathan goes there every day because he gets coupons in the mail and he said it was the best pizza of his life and that it stunk up his whole house for a week. It was really good. I got really full. But it wasn't the best pizza of my life and it didn't stink up my house for a day even. But I would definitely go again, Nathan when do you want to eat more pizzas.

Yesterday I planted basil and cilantro, then made some sweet potato fries, and then watched a movie with Matt and Sarah. The movie was long but good; it was about being in prison and being in France and being on teams. I think about teams a lot, like what teams am I on, what teams am I not on, if you act like there aren't any teams will there stop being teams. Being on both teams is the same as not being on either team. Being on every team is the same as ... being on every team?

This morning I went to the farmer's market but I couldn't find Kim's tent, and I couldn't find anyone selling anything I wanted. I decided to just get some honey but a crowd of people with polo shirts tucked into their shorts immediately surrounded the table and started sampling everything and I got mad and left. A little bit ago I planted lemons and sunflowers. In like an hour I'm going to a potluck and bonfire at Millsap Farm, I'm excited to start getting my eggs and fruit from them.
Ty -- May 1, 2010

when i get home i'm ordering me some PAPA JOHNS
Ty -- April 27, 2010

Ty -- April 27, 2010

My garden's doing good - carrots, potatoes, beets, lettuces, spinaches coming up. I've been eating the spinach already, and I took some to baked potato night. I love baked potato night.

Yesterday was Sherry's last day at work so we ordered pizzas. Sherry was often impressed by my lunches in a way that wasn't stupid, and she told me a lot of stuff about growing vegetables and having chickens. One of the good things about having a sort of terrible job is that you end up really liking people who you otherwise might have only sort of tolerated.

After work I went to the Mudhouse because I thought I was supposed to be meeting Nao and Emaad there. But I was wrong about what day we were meeting so I sat there by myself drinking a veggie twist, soaking wet and feeling dumb. Mark was there though and I talked to him a little bit.

At night I wanted to watch a movie about the Yangtze river but the dvd was broken so I had to watch a movie about Jesus. It was the second best movie about Jesus I've ever seen, but I've only ever watched two movies about Jesus. And I didn't even get to finish it because it started skipping and then froze up completely. Every time I try to watch a movie I'm reminded of why I never watch movies. So I started reading Charlotte's Web. It's really good and weird. The first thing Wilbur says in the book is "I'm less than two months old and I'm tired of living." Later, when he's planning what to do for the day, there's this sentence: From three to four, he planned to stand perfectly still and think of what it was like to be alive, and to wait for Fern. When I read that I laughed out loud and was a little embarrassed for me and Wilbur both. Anyway, it's really good and funny.

When I was asleep I went to a party where Anna Neale introduced me to one of her cousins and we ran around town in the dark together. After a lot of running I did an acrobatic joke, which provided an opportunity for us to roll around in the grass together. After that I was at a restaurant by myself and the only waitress was this girl from school and she was flirting with me a lot. Then Koji came in and he didn't sit with me he sat at a different table, but I didn't really mind. But then lots more of my friends came in and they all sat with Koji instead of me and my feelings were hurt and I couldn't figure out how to leave the restaurant without walking past them. In the last part of the dream I figured out how to make homemade Grape Nuts, which still seems like a sort of good idea now that I'm awake.

I wanted to go to the farmer's market and get some eggs this morning, but instead I wallowed in my bed until noon. Got up and got the dirt ready for planting basil and cilantro tomorrow. Tonight I'm makin' nachos and espinacas con garbanzos, and probably popcorn and hot chocolate.
Ty -- April 24, 2010

Last weekend I went to La Huasteca with Will and Colleen and Maggie. I dumped salsa all over Maggie's part of the table. Everyone else's food was more attractive than mine. Mine was all the same color but it tasted good. While we were eating Maggie said "I'm lovin' it" which I thought was the best joke of the day. I was in a weird mood and no one understood any of my jokes, but Will laughed at a couple of them anyway.

On Thursday I didn't go to the opening day of baseball, I rode around in the back of a U-Haul and went to Purple Burrito. After bumping along in the dark of an empty moving truck, there are several things that I feel I now understand a lot better. If me and Andy and Jarrett had been back there for hours and hours and then dropped off in the middle of some desert, I don't think I would have minded much. The part where we're in the truck, I mean. I don't know what would happen to us in the desert. Anyway, after that everyone went to Purple Burrito. I didn't make any jokes at Purple Burrito, I barely even said any words.

I haven't been to the grocery store in quite a while because I haven't liked food very much for a few days or understood what kinds of things I wanted to be eating. Yesterday I had to get chicken strips from the gas station. I don't know what I had for supper. At night I invited myself to something and then uninvited myself from it and every other thing. I sat at home and ate a lot of cookies and drank a lot of hot chocolate and read The Last Battle for like the twentieth time and had a lot of emotions, etc. Reading that book is very exhausting for me but I got up early and mowed the lawn and now I think I'm ready to like eating food again.
Ty -- April 17, 2010

I only like green foods and I only like purple foods. I only like water. I only like medicine.
Ty -- April 14, 2010

Suckin' on a milkshake at the library. I got it at Whisler's. There were a bunch of dads in there with their toddlers, practicing wearing shorts, proud of themselves for being in such a Cool Place, and saying out loud to each other "this is a Cool Place." Before that I was out in my yard, planting peppers and peas and more spinach. I got the peas and pepper seeds from Josh, in exchange for some carrot seeds and seed potatoes. I also gave some seed potatoes to Tina, she's going to plant them in burlap bags on her balcony. I had to eat lunch with Sarah today. I was sitting in the sun happy and alone and then she sat down by my and pointed at my avocado and said "I never eat those because they look gross." Sarah's actually not a four year old, she's in her thirties. I offered her a piece and she tasted it reluctantly, but she seemed impressed and said she would buy some next time she's at the store. How can someone never have eaten an avocado. There's lots of things I've never eaten, but they're all things that I don't even know exist, hiding in jungles and under the ocean. That's what I was thinking anyway, but it's not true - I've never eaten kohlrabi or collard greens or brussel sprouts. I want to have a party where everyone brings a fruit or vegetable they've never eaten before, and we all watch each other take our first bites.
Ty -- April 9, 2010

What all has been happening. On Friday me and Tina had lunch at Pappy's. We didn't have any beers this time because we're mature adults now and Drinking On Your Lunch Break Is Irresponsible. Sometimes Pappy's is kinda mushy and watery, but this time it was real good. On Saturday I had supper at April and John's. Beef stew, two kinds of pie, etc. I hadn't eaten giant chunks of meat in a long time, so I was very happy and got very full. For lunch on Sunday I made a little vegetable packet of carrots and onion and mushrooms and chickpeas and threw it on the grill for a few minutes. So good. At night I went to Patton Alley to try to win trivia again, but we couldn't do it. I got a burger with my winnings from last time but I didn't get to have bacon on it because Carly had eaten all the bacon in the whole place. But I did get to have an egg on my burger and it slimed all over everything and all over my hands and face and was delicious. Today for lunch I went to Grad Scool with Phil. Phil Bridges. We both had fish tacos. They're putting a whole lot of lettuce on them lately. I sort of wish I had gotten the mushroom steak. The first time I had it was when I was meeting Rogan there to borrow Jen's blowdryer from him. Daniel and Eric and Kimmie were there too and Rogan gave me a bite of his mushroom steak and while I was chewing it Eric said "Ty, you're a worldly man" and I said "what" and he said "Ty, you're a man of many worlds" and I was thrilled to think he though that.
Ty -- March 29, 2010

We won trivia. Me and Ryan and Wes and Carly. I tried to smoke a cigarette in celebration. When I started smoking it I felt disgusting and it felt good to feel disgusting and I was worried that I would want to start smoking again for real. But before it was half gone, feeling disgusting felt terrible and I smashed it out and I spat in a cup. Before we won, before we even started, Wes told how sometimes he wishes that Carly (his wife) was a giant piece of summer sausage. What. Ryan said that if he had to wish Jerilyn (his wife) was a giant piece of meat, he would wish she was bacon. I don't want my wife (I don't have a wife) to be any kind of meat. What if you really were married to some meat. Emaad said that you're allowed to eat pork if not eating it means that you'll starve to death. Mahmoud said he would rather die than eat pork. Emaad said he would rather eat pork than die. Would I rather eat pork than die? Yes. What are laws. Healthcare passed? What's healthcare. I don't want to have to care about any laws. I'm inventing a lifestyle where there are no laws, only good ideas. I'm growing a garden for us to eat out of. I'm building an arm for you to lay down on. I'm typing a foodblog for you to read when you're at work, and I'm cooking a meal for you to eat when you come home.
Ty -- March 22, 2010

I went to Pizza House with Dakotah and I went to Pizza Inn with Dakotah and Daniel and I went to Lili's with Dakotah and Daniel and Elise and Mark. We tried to go to Farmer's for some St. Patrick's Day corned beef & cabbage, but they were SOLD OUT so we finished our Guinness, went to Lili's for THEIR corned beef, and then went back to Farmer's for more Guinness. I kept wanting to talk about the war in Iraq which might have been annoying but I think about it a lot and St. Patrick's Day is a certain anniversary.

After work today I got my garden started. Spinach and potatoes are in the ground. Got real dirty, felt real good. It's sposta rain and sleet and be cold all weekend but I aint too worried. The same thing happened right after I planted last year and all my plants did great. For supper I made sweet potato fries. They were really good but I wanted them to be crispier.

Eating alone, eating together, eating alone, eating together.

Ty -- March 19, 2010

breakfast: peanut butter
second breakfast: donuts
lunch: yogurt and donuts
all afternoon: donuts
supper: homemade pad thai
The last time I made pad thai was like three years ago when I tried to start Pad Thai Tuesdays. I don't think anyone who was there reads this. But I've gotten better at it. When I was eating it I was so, so happy. I ate one bowl really fast and another bowl really slow. Michael Pollan says you should spend as much time eating your food as it took to make it. Per Petterson says something similar, I think. When he's slowly, deliberately making his food and setting the table for just himself and never feeding his dog until he's done eating. I liked that old man. I'd like to read that book again. Out Stealing Horses. Last night after my second bowl of pad thai I sat on my couch and was very full and content and I finished reading Crumb's version of Genesis. Everything he draws is so hairy and physical, it was great. Nothing will ever be weirder than the Bible.
Ty -- March 10, 2010

Eating a soggy sandwich in the computer lab at Drury. Last night I went to the Mudhouse to get on the internet and eat a sandwich because that was a closer thing to walk to than the grocery store. I brought a plastic bag with me so that I could put half my sandwich in there and was really thrilled that no one saw me doing that because it felt like I was getting away with committing a crime. I love committing crimes.

I don't know if that looks like anything to you but it's my garden. I was out there with a shovel trying to dig up my yard when somebody from down the street drove by on a tiny orange tractor and pulled up into my yard and asked if I needed some help and I nodded and he did exactly what I wanted without any instructions. We exchanged thumbs ups and then he drove off. There was a dog sleeping on his lap the whole time. Probably won't plant anything for another week.

Shortly after that I attempted to make gingered carrot soup, but I don't know why I did that. Luckily while I was trying to eat it Jarrett called and invited me to a bbq. I went. It was fun. Corey and Amber shared some of their chicken with me. I cut the buns wrong and we had to do some elaborate maneuvering. Next day nothing very food-related happened except after church Marie kept licking honey off the palms of her hands. I told her she should just pour it straight from the bottle into her mouth, but she said that what she was doing was less weird. I disagreed.
Ty -- March 8, 2010

This week I kept going to the gas station with Tina to get snacks. I would get Coke and onion rings or potato wedges or cookies and she would get Dr. Pepper and mini tacos and lottery tickets. Probably relatedly, I had headaches and diarrhea all week and my face is breaking out and I threw up at work this morning and made Sherri give me a ride home. She had to give me a ride cuz my truck's in the shop and my bike is in pieces all over my house. I slept for four hours and then read Zeitoun on my porch for two hours. It's really good. Part of what it's about is loving your neighbors, just like everything else is lately. And loving your neighbors' dogs. For supper I had kiwis and pecans and bread with honey, and thought about my neighborhood.

Now I'm at the Coffee Ethic. People I don't know are taking pictures of me. I was planning to go to Mansfield this weekend to buy some seeds but now I don't have my truck so I guess I can't. Maybe just dig up my yard, start getting the ground ready. But Joel just sent me a link to a cool farm in KC that is really proud of it's no-till method. What? Do I have to go buy some straw? TEN INCHES of mulch and compost? What would Wendell Berry do? Luckily his newest book just came in for me at the library. It's sitting here on the table next to me and someone came up and said "Wendell Berry? I love Wendell Berry." I said "Yeah?" and then we just nodded at each other and were both very pleased and he walked off. This is exactly the extent to which I want to discuss books with people.
Ty -- March

I'm at the library. There's a cop sitting right where I want to sit. I feel strongly that I deserve that table more than him. He just told some girls "It's easy money" to sit there all night. I need to stop hating cops.

But I don't need stop eating animals. I finished the book and I decided I don't need to. But I'll probably eat less meat at restaurants and will probably not be buying fish anymore. I'm kind of sad about that and am gonna try to find an okay way to get fish, though the book made that seem impossible. Tomorrow I'm signing up to split a Millsap fruit share and egg share with Phil and Dana, so that's how I'll get eggs from now on.

I want it to be spring. I want to plant my garden. I want to talk to people who are better at gardens than I am. I also want more food blogs to read, so tell me some good ones you know about.

Now the cop is helping a man pop his hip back in place. Now he's kicked him out and is laughing at him. live-blogging the libary

I need to go home and cook and do homework but I don't know what to cook or how to do the homework.

Ty -- February 27, 2010

On Sunday everyone at church was signing up for meat and vegetable shares from Millsap Farm. I didn't want either of those, but I sort of want a fruit share, but I realized it too late. If anyone reading this wants to split one with me, let me know. On Tuesday at work we spent the entire day discussing which kinds of vegetables we like and which ones we don't like. I like all of them. I made a chart. And then for some reason there was pizza at church after the Ash Wednesday service. It seemed sort of inappropriate but I didn't mind. Me and Ryan and Phil Bridges went to BrewCo for even more pizza. Thursday night I used the Magic Bullet to make black bean and artichoke dip. On Friday at work we talked about Farmville all day and what if it was like a sort of like reverse Jumanji and we got sucked in there. How would we get out. Then I went to Brown Bag Bagel Co. for lunch. Good but overpriced. Then I made some cinnamon/honey/sweet potato/broccoli stir fry, as recommended by Phil Bridges. Really good. Then I made some black bean/corn/tortilla pie, as recommended by Martha Stewart. Only sort of good. Now I'm waiting for Emaad at the Mudhouse, drinking some hot chocolate Daniel Zender gave me for free. Thanks Daniel. So that was most of the food this week.

Still reading Eating Animals and still agonizing. I ought to read some other books and talk to people. In the midst of this agonizing I went to the mall food court for some Chik-Fil-A. A couple times a year I have to go sit in the food court to practice feeling the same as everyone and different from everyone at the same time. A while ago I listened to The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton and my favorite part was when he talked about how the best places to feel lonely are fast food restaurants. It has a lot to do with the lighting. And it's best when it's night and you can watch cars go by. The food court is different, it's like some kind of aquarium. I sat in there wanting to reread White Noise, even though I tried to read Underworld a little while ago and couldn't get into it at all. Anyway, my chicken sandwich was pretty good but the fries were way better. Meatless March?
Ty -- February 20, 2010

Last night me and Nathan had pho at Bambu. I'd never been there before, it was good. But what I really want is Vietnamese sandwiches, is there anywhere in Springfield that has those? Nathan's fortune told him to go to Florida and mine told me to go to New Mexico so we're doing it.

For a while I was reading Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World. I already vaguely knew a lot of what it's about, like how the bananas we eat now are a different species than the ones our grandparents ate and how there's an unstoppable disease that's going to wipe out the species we're eating now, and how the banana industry has helped screw up South and Central America. But I didn't know that bananas are by far the most-eaten fruit on earth or that some of the stuff in One Hundred Years of Solitude really happened. Sometimes real life is realer than you want it to be.

I've had to stop reading the banana book for a while though because Eating Animals came in for me at the library and it's really good. I haven't read any of Jonathan Safran Foer's other books because at some point I decided he was boring and obnoxious, but I don't remember why. So I was really prepared to hate this book, but I don't. It's good and funny. At the beginning there's a part where he says how much sense it would make for us to start using the dogs in the pounds for meat instead of euthanizing them. I think it was supposed to be really shocking and make you not want to eat any kind of meat but it to me it just seemed really sensible and I thought it was a good idea. I think I could eat a dog. So I didn't think he had any chance of convincing me to become a vegetarian, but he's kind of getting close. Like I barely eat any meat now, so why not just eat NO meat? I already don't buy meat except from local farms and the book made me wonder if I should try to stop eating meat at restaurants. And I've decided to definitely not buy eggs from the grocery store anymore. Gonna try to finish the book tonight. Whenever I start thinking too much about vegetarianism though I suddenly remember that there are millions and millions of PEOPLE dying and suffering for totally horrific heartbreaking preventable reasons and I wonder why anyone is spending their time writing books or worrying about the fact that some chickens are unhappy. I don't know how to do anything and I don't know how to not do anyting.
Ty -- February 16, 2010

If ya want a good pizza, gotta make it yrself.
Ty -- February 13, 2010

A couple months ago I helped Nathaniel & Becca & Soren move their new couch from the flea market to their living room, and they gave me a Magic Bullet. I thought I would start making milkshakes and smoothies all the time but I sort of forgot about it until last Thursday when I made some black bean soup to take to homegroup. Before my soups have usually tasted good, but they've just been sort of thin with big chunks of things in them, and now with this blender I can make really good, thick soups. Anyway I thought my black bean soup was good and other people did too, so the next night I made more to take to a potluck at Anthony's. But somehow it looked a lot grosser than the first time I made it and someone let it get cold while everything else was still cooking AND no one had informed that you weren't supposed to bring anything unless you were Asian, so when my soup was sitting there glopped in a giant pot next to all those elaborate Korean and Japanese dishes, I was ashamed.

Tell me things I can do with my blender.
Ty -- February 12, 2010

Hi I just got back from Panera and the grocery store. I went to Panera to talk to Nao and Anthony and Emaad. I was the first one to get there and I bought some chocolate chip cookies to share with everyone but I only bought three because I didn't know Anthony was going to be there, so when he came I got to eat them all myself.

After that I went to the grocery store to get eggs and spinach and cereal. They didn't have the kind of cereal I wanted and I didn't know what to do. I just wanted some Kroger 100% Natural Cereal, but they didn't have the kind in the purple box, they only had the kind in the red box and the kind in the yellow box. So for some reason I got a new kind of Wheaties with terrifying Kevin Garnett on the front, even though it cost almost three times as much.

Also I've been playing Farmville. That's me standing palely among my artichokes and fruit trees. For a long time I thought it was stupid and was annoyed every time I saw it on someone's facebook, but Tina and Melissa talk about it all day at work and they made me get one. It's the most popular application on facebook, millions of people play it every day. I wonder if most people who play it have thought about how different it is from actual farming, or if they even know anything about the farming system. It seems like there ought to be a way to get all the people playing it to do something that helps real farmers, or at least makes them aware of how badly farmers and harvesters are treated and how screwed up the food system is, instead of making it all seem cute and quaint and easy. I wonder what Guillermo would think of it, or Wendell Berry. Farmville players donated over a million real life dollars to send to Haiti by buying a special kind of corn in the game. That's really good and cool and shows the bizarro power of the internet to make something good come out of a dumb facebook game, but I feel weird about it. And everybody donating all that money by sending text messages. Obivously it's great that people are giving money to help other people, but doing it like that requires so little thought or effort. Everything's getting more and more abstract. Don't know whatta do. Talk to me, eat some food with me.
Ty -- February 3, 2010

Hot chocolate and pear bread and snow is a good breakfast. I was calm and happy for 18 hours. Then I put on all my winter stuff to go for a walk and on the walk I got mad at lots of people in cars, they were doing every thing stupid that it's possible to do in a car. I need to find a way to never have to drive. It wouldn't be very hard, I'd just need to leave places a few minutes earlier. I also want to snowshoe across Canada, which would be significantly harder. It's likely that I would die. So I don't actually want to do it, I just want to think about doing it. I felt kind of bad about how mad I got at the car people so I'll probably have plain white rice for lunch as a sort of penance/purification ritual. Sometimes it feels good to eat things that are only one thing. White snow white rice. Rogan took a cool picture.
Ty -- January 30, 2010

Just had some huevos rancheros for supper. I don't know if that's quite what real huevos rancheros is but I don't care it's so slimy and good.

I also just gave Grace a can of pineapple and a can of pork n beans so that I wouldn't have to pay my library fines. My grandma always gives me several cans of food when she visits and now I've finally done something with them. Up until like a week ago I also had two cans of peaches but I've been eating them in oatmeal for breakfast every day. Except for today because I got up late. I thought I could just get coffee and like a muffin at The Hub, that sort of new coffee/bike shop right by the courthouse, but there was nothing in there. The walls were bare and they had an empty glass case that was obviously supposed to have my cookies and muffins in it. So I just got a cappucinno and ate the brownie that I had brought for lunch. I made brownies like a week ago and this was the last one. It was really hard and I imagined my teeth breaking and clattering out onto my desk and everyone freaking out.

oh woah i just read that howard zinn died

umm this is really weird. I don't remember what I was going to talk about.

Oh yeah, breakfast. uuhhh. So I've been making oatmeal lots of mornings. Making it on the stove isn't any harder than making it in the microwave, and it takes approximately one minute longer. Sometimes I think I should just get rid of my microwave because I only use it like twice a month. I don't know how gross of things I ought to talk about, but the oameal has been making certain parts of my day significantly less messy. I think. Fiber, right? Also when I was looking at other people's wall-to-walls on facebook, I found this Cornel West interview where he says "I haven't had breakfast on a Sunday since 1984." And when they ask what happened in 1984 he's like "We won't go into that. It was a special Sunday." I hope some day I get to eat a breakfast so good and important that I have to keep it a secret for the next twenty-five years.

RIP, Howie, buddy.
Ty -- January 27, 2009

And if the only place I ever park is in the Burger King lot so that I don't have to get an MSU parking permit, what kind of vegetarian is THAT called?
Ty -- January 22, 2010

If the only meat I ever eat is summer sausage, what kind of vegetarian is that called?
Ty -- January 21, 2010

Today is the first day of spring so I added lots of things to my compost pile and put my hands deep inside it. Why do I love my compost pile so much. I imagined spreading it all over my garden and my whole yard being a huge insane garden. I also checked on my little trees and the maple tree is fine and I think the apple tree is too, but I thought I had two apple trees.

My bank account has less than two dollars in it and I have less than a dollar in cash and I don't get paid until Thursday so I've just been eating whatever things are already in my house. At first I really thought I might starve, but I think I'll be okay. A few days of canned peaches for breakfast, tortillas with peanut butter for lunch, and rice with soy sauce for supper isn't really anything to complain about. Also I probably still have some black bean and sweet potato burritos in my freezer. I made them for Daniel Zender's surprise birthday potluck last weekend and they were really good. The other thing at the potluck that I really liked was Sarah's fried eggplant. I always want to eat eggplants because they look so cool but I can never make them into anything good. I've even tried frying them before but she must have done something way different than I ever did. Also Daniel showed me a poster about food blog that him and Elise made. It was so cool. I wish I could hang it on my wall, I wish I could wear it on a shirt. There need to be more potlucks. Not every weekend, but every other weekend.

Every day I think about when Tupac said "Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live, and let's change the way we treat each other." Sometimes I get really freaked out and can't think or do anything or be around any people and I just pace around or roll around on the floor until I make myself go to bed. This happens a lot less often than it used to. Uuuhhh. But thinking about him saying that is one of the things that both calms me down and gets me excited when I get really alarmed about either myself or The State Of The World. "You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do what we gotta do, to survive." I think it's so important. It should be in the Bible. The Book of Pac. I also want Franny & Zooey to be in the Bible, but I don't remember any food in it so I won't talk about it.
Ty -- January 16, 2009

I ate every kind of food with every member of my family but I forgot to take any pictures, except for this picture of Justin's tongue and Katelyn's hair and me and David and Liam at a pizza place when the pizza was already gone:

The morning after that picture we all went to David's church and I was fully prepared to be angry and grumpy the whole time but instead I was only angry at the very beginning. There was communion and a guy said something about it that sounded exactly like food blog and I felt weird and happy. But then I got grumpy again because I had to stay in KC for another night instead of going back to Springfield and going sledding. That meant I got to eat more candy though and play more card games and watch Julie & Julia which I actually liked quite a bit, even though I fell asleep during it and threw up twice during it. In the morning I was still throwing up but my aunt Glenda gave me a bottle of Coke and a pack of saltines and those helped me to not wreck or throw up on the way home and now I'm back in Springfield. At class last night we talked about vegetables for a long time, and when we were talking about asparagus Jose said "When I eat this, I feel rich; I know not why!" I love winter but I want to be able to eat fresh vegetables again and I want to plant my garden. This morning I threw some smashed up tortilla chips into my yard for the birds to eat, but they didn't even want them.
Ty -- January 5, 2010
Christmas Eve pizza was good, Christmas day floof and mousse were even better. Lychee milkshake was good, durian milkshake was not very good. Today we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and when it was decided that's where we were going I was grumpy about it and then the menu made me mad but when the food came it was really good and I stopped complaining. I just finished eating my dad's leftovers for supper, a hungry sloppy pile of breakfast quesadillas. On Tuesday afternoon I'll get back to Springfield for like 36 hours if anyone wants to eat lunch or supper with me. Actually me and Will Hickman already have a lunch reservation for Wednesday, so supper on Tuesday night? Now I have to go play against my brother in the title match of our air hockey tournament.
Ty -- December 27, 2009

Chili blog: I'm in California, my mom's making chili. I had chili in Kansas City a couple days ago and it was a real good time. Everyone was laughing, no one understood eachother, David spit milk all over himself. Right before that I was still in Springfield eating a burger at BrewCo. Lots of times I'm miserable at BrewCo, but that time I was real happy and a little giggly.
In California I've eaten a lot of good things, including that waffle right there, possible my favorite waffle I've ever had. Also a giant bacon & avocado omlette, millions of cookies, some truffles, I don't know what else. Oh, one night we went and got pho. My mom folded some of the mint and cilantro into a napkin and put in her pocket and took it home with her. A while ago Juli made some vegan pho, and Mario said it was racist. I liked when that happened. Every Christmas Eve we make a pizza for supper and this year I'm going to make the crust and I'm a little nervous because no one but me has ever eaten my pizza crust before. A while ago I tried to read a book where some writers that no one's ever heard of tell their favorite stories about food, but I had to stop reading it because the first one was about how this lady moved from Brooklyn to the midwest and when she got there she was miserable because there was no one there who was good enough to eat her cooking. Now I don't remember why I'm talking about this, I'm just mad about it and I don't want to be mad on Christmas so I'm gonna stop typing and go eat the chili.
Ty -- December 24, 2009

I guess I go to Ziggie's pretty often again. Sometimes with Gwyn, usually with Guillermo. On Monday night when we were there and Guillermo was explaining why he talks so much, he said "You know where the bees put the honey? This is how I feel!" All of my friendships are based more on being thrilled by people than on understanding them. The next day I was feeling sick and went to the store to get honey and lemons. At the store I rolled the lemons around on the sides of my neck and when I got home I rolled them around all over my head and neck and then squeezed them into hot water with the honey and some cayenne pepper. It helps quite a bit, but not enough, I still have to take real medicine sometimes.

Also Will Andree's mom killed a deer and he brought me some of its meat. I made it into chili but Dakotah was the only one who wanted to eat it with me. Just because it's easy to be good at chili, that doesn't make me any less good at it. I ate chili for lunch every day this week, and sometimes for supper. Warren's having a chili contest at the Outland right now and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should go.
Ty -- December 19, 2009

Tonight I made a big pot of black bean and onion and tomato and rice soup. More like chili than soup, and more like jambalaya than chili. Yesterday I was still sort of sick and I healed myself by eating a huge bowl of plain white rice and listening to George Harrison. The reason I was sick was because I wasn't eating or sleeping very much for a few days, and then on Monday I went to work and tutoring for sixteen hours and the sixteenth hour was at IHOP with Guillermo, where I threw up ice cream and hot chocolate. They specifically told us at training that if a student wanted to get coffee with us and practice their English outside of class we weren't allowed to do it, but yeah right I can hang out with whoever I want. And no one else wants to tell me about Heidegger and Lao-Tzu and St. Augustine and the Sufi mystics, and I have to find out somewhere

I don't know what else. I want to have a party. I want to make sweet potato fries and apple cider donuts. I want to make more buffalo chili and more pizzas. It's cold, I'm tired, it's winter, I'm weird. My house is warm and I'm going to go back to it now.
Ty -- December 9, 2009

Hi I'm in California it's Thankgsiving. My mom and dad are cooking stuff but I'm not helping them yet. So far all I've done is go on a walk to get a bag of ice. It took a long time to find anywhere that sold ice and for a while I thought maybe somehow there was no ice anywhere in California, and I remembered everyone's favorite part of One Hundred Years of Solitude. Eventually I found ice though and now I'm drinking some Coke. What I have had so far today is: cinammon toast, coffee, Coke. For quite a few weeks I was trying hard not to drink any coffee or soda because they're bad for you and bad for your teeth and they're a dumb thing to spend money on and right now I have a job that makes me get up really in the morning so I like being able to sleep at night and this list that kept showing up in things I was reading said you shouldn't drink coffee or soda or tea. But people are always offering me coffee and tea and it feels dumb and rude to refuse them. And everyone thinks they have to drink coffee at church and I guess I go to two churches now so what was I supposed to do.
I don't really want to try to explain what I've been eating and who I've been eating with for the last two weeks because there's too much. I know 100,00 people. What if I lived in Detroit, Oakland, Accra, Cuenca, would I still know that many people? Yes, eventually. I have a lot to say, but right now I have to go make stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving I love you LOL
Ty -- November 26, 2009
I just got done eating some pizza with Ryan Reed and some guy named Jason or Justin or something and a couple West Central landlords. One of the landlords is cool and nice and knows how to do a lot of things with deer meat, but the rest of the landlords are not very nice or cool and they always talk about how many Problems my neighborhood has and how they wish the neighborhood wasn't full of renters and they talk about ideas for getting rid of all the "scum". They really say that, they refer to people as scum. Supposedly they're talking about drug dealers but it's impossible for me to not read a lot of racism and classism into it. I don't know how to argue with them so I just don't say anything and I hate myself for not saying anything and my brain starts singing Ringing of Revolution and I make long angry eye contact with them. I'm a little nervous that some of the landlords will try to add me on Facebook and then they'll find their way to this food blog. So if that somehow happens: Hi guys. I don't hate you and I ain't scared of you neither.
But uhhh what else. Last night I ate pizza with Nathan and we had to work real hard to get our salads. Nathan says he can never go to South Ave again but I hope he changes his mind. The night before was Indian night at homegroup and one Lindsay made curry and the other Lindsay made samosas and I made a big pot of rice. Real good. And the night before I went to Phil and Grace's again for thai peanut noodles and spaghetti squash and Becca and Nathaniel and Soren brought thee best chocolate cake. The days before that I was in Lawrence eating tacos and nachos and bagels and Greek stuff with Matt and Will and Colleen and Andrew and Yoni Wolf. Yoni tried to follow me into the bathroom, was that my weirdest interaction with a barely famous person? I mean it wasn't even an interaction, the door was locked. I had hoped he would see me and Matt and think we were cool and ask us what songs he should sing later but nope, no Sanddollars, no Fall Saddles, but still a good show. A little before that I tried to go to an apple orchard with Gwyn and Jessica and Naru. They didn't let us do any of the things we wanted to do there, but I bought a big jug of cider and I've been drinking it a lot, it's great. Hopefully gonna have chili n cider night at my house pretty soon, maybe you could come over.
Ty -- November 14, 2009

That right there was supper last night. Baked sweet potatoes with black beans and tomatoes and sour cream dumped on top. Really good. Right now I'm in the library and some band in the Coffee Ethic is playing a John Coltrane song. Also really good. And I feel good and tired and confused but not worried. What kind of blog is this.
Ty -- November 4, 2009

A couple nights ago I ate supper at Phil and Grace's house. Grace cooked a really good chicken and told me about how to make gravy, and Phil invented butter salad.
The next night I made buffalo chili out of some buffalo meat that my grandma gave me, and I told people to come eat it with me but Dakotah was the only one who did. It was really good except I dumped some El Pato in at the end, which made it spicier but made it taste more like Mexican food than chili. Also most of the rest of the buffalo meat got ruined because I'm a fool and I don't know how to store meat.

Yesterday was Halloween and during the day I tore down my garden and used the blocks to make walls for my compost pile because I don't think I'm gonna do raised beds next year. Or not in the same way, anyway. I thought I might be sad about tearing up the dying garden, but pulling plants up is fun and smells good and it was nice to think about the ground lying fallow for a while and making more dirt. When I was thinking about how dirt is made I said "everything wants to turn into dirt except our brains" and I felt cool and smart but now that I think about it that's not true enough to be interesting. A long time ago I said "my brain wants my body to stay alive" and that's truer and scarier. It's easy to be scared of brains.
Ty -- November 1, 2009

I'm sitting at the Mudhouse with Matt drinking some cider. I didn't come here with him, I just found him here. Actually he saw me walk in and look around and then walk out and he texted me and told me to come back. So I did. He's reading a book and I've never heard of it but I pretended I had. I ought to just start making my own cider if I like it so much. Not making it, just buying a jug and heating it up and putting in the whipped cream and cinnamon stick.

Last night Nathan came over and we grilled steaks. We also invented Steak House. We've probably had better ideas separately, but it's definitely our best joint idea. Steak House opens November 13, we hope you'll join us.

Before that I went to Lili's with my grampa and gramma. I tried to get a chicken-fried steak but they didn't have any. That always happens to me when I go places with my grandparents. When they told me they were out I said "WHAT!!!!" and the waitress apologized a lot. Tony was working and he came over and met my grandparents. They liked him and said he was tall. It's true. The night before I had gone to pizza buffet with him and Dakotah. When they stopped eating I said "Are you guys done? I think I want to eat - " and then started coughing and laughing a lot. Dakotah said "more pizza?" and I laughed and couldn't talk. While this was happening a baby was smiling at me but when it kept happening the baby frowned.

Ty -- October 26, 2009
I feel like people don't really eat candy bars anymore
Ty -- October 24, 2009
I went to Lawrence for the weekend to see Will and Colleen and Cecilia and Andrew and their friends. This is what I put in my bag: my phone charger, deoderant, a toothbrush, David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries, a tiny green New Testament, a notebook, gloves, headache medicine, my water bottle, and a loaf of bread I'd just baked. The loaf of bread was in there as a joke, but it was also practical and tasted good. When I got to Lawrence Cecilia ate my toothbrush, and I ate a panini, some pizza, and a breakfast burrito from the place where Colleen works. We went and saw Mirah, who I didn't know I liked all that much, but she looked like the world's most attractive OTC student, and she said "we had a life so sweet and enough to eat" and "you never know when tempermental weather's gonna come/if you want to try to face the death you're never that far from" and I was extremely happy several times during the show. Someone took a picture of us when I was lookin' a little, uhh, red in the face, and they put it on the internet:
As I was leaving Will asked if I needed anything for the road and I said I didn't and he said "Don't you want some string cheese?" and I said I did. The drive home was nice. Missouri looks so good just from the highway, and I like knowing it's even better out on the real roads and in the woods and in the fields. A couple times I barely resisted picking up a hitchhiker. I stopped to look at the water, and while I was down there I found a jawbone.
Ty -- October 20, 2009
The other night I was supposed to eat at Rib Shack with Nathan but I guess he changed his mind about it. Instead I stayed at home and smashed some of my leftover mashed potatoes into little patties and flopped them in flour with a couple spices and fried them in oil and butter. It turned out pretty good. I tried to do the same thing with some mashed up pumpkin but it didn't work quite as good, they kept falling apart. The next night I went to Whole Hog Cafe with Gwyn. Their bbq was good, and a lot like other places' bbq. It was big and clean in there, which is nice sometimes, and I liked it that night, but usually I want restaurants to feel sort of small and dark and crowded and maybe sort of dirty. We both wanted mashed potatoes but they didn't have them. Gwyn told how potatoes are one of the best things to eat because they have all but one of the most important nutrients, and then when you add the milk to make them into mashed potatoes, they end up having all of the best nutrients. Maybe that's not what she said, but something close to that. I love mashed potatoes and I think I'm going to start making them all the time.
Ty -- October 15, 2009
I ate all weekend long again. On Friday night I ate spaghetti at church and in the morning I went to Mount Vernon with Phil and Dana and Phil and Christina for Apple Butter Makin' Days. Apple Butter Makin' Days is where Phil Bowles' family churns apple butter and the whole town has a festival and parade about it. I didn't get any apple butter but I ate fried potatoes n onions with bacon and cheese and during the parade I got hit in the face with a piece of candy and Roy Blunt made me shake his hand. In the afternoon I made pumpkin cornbread and Dakotah helped me make mashed potatoes. And I baked a strange little loaf that ended up being the best bread I have ever made. We took our stuff to Fall Fest at Maggie's and there was lots of other good food. Some people were sad that we all know how to make good food now because they think it means we're Adults. I think we're still alright though. I want there to be lots more feasts. When Eric saw that I was about to eat a piece of his strawberry pie thing he said "THAT HAS GELATIN IN IT. DO YOU EAT MEAT." Do people think I don't eat meat? I love meat.
Sunday after church some people wanted to go to Yum Yum Bowl and I went too. I had only heard good things about it but I wasn't impressed. After that I went over to Jessica's house and we talked for a long time about food and eating and not being a jerk not having a job and she gave me a loaf of pumpkin bread. Thanks!

Earlier tonight I was eating my leftover cornbread and I heard someone outside yelling "HELLOOOO??! ANYBODY HOME??!? YOU NEED TO PICK YOUR PEPPERS!!!!" So I went out there and it was that loud girl and her mom who always like my garden so much. I don't know how to describe them without being really mean. She was standing by my porch, holding some green peppers up in the air that she had picked off of my plants because she had decided they were going to rot if she didn't pick them for me. Her and her mom said a lot of things about gardens and they said they wanted to pick up all the walnuts in my yard and take them to the fairgrounds to get nine cents a pound for them and they wanted me to drive them there and they asked racist questions about my neighbors and they wondered if next year they could have a garden of their own in my yard so that they don't have to walk so far to their garden at some church on Campbell. I didn't know what to say. I'm worried that I'm going to end up being by far the weirdest of all your friends.
Right now I'm at Big Momma's and I always forget what a good place this is. Except their wifi's terrible. Big windows though, and a baby trying to carry a pumpkin, and an old guy smoking a pipe and playing one of the saddest Willie Nelson songs. "All the federales say they could've had him any day. They only let him slip away out of kindness, I suppose." That one. I walked around Commercial street for a little bit before I came here and saw that the place where P-Lounge used to be is gonna turn into Fight Club Bar & Grill. Don't know what that is. I need someone to eat at Cook's Kettle with me sometime soon.
Ty -- October 12, 2009
Yesterday the only thing that sounded good to eat was soup, so I made some out of tomatoes and I also made some rolls to go with it. The rolls ended up being tiny, although I don't know if you can tell from that picture. The recipe I used said to make doughballs "a bit larger then[sic] a walnut" but I didn't know if they were talking about the walnuts in my yard or the walnuts in a can of other nuts. There are walnuts in nut cans, right? So I tried to make them the size of the walnuts in the nut can, even though I didn't know how big those are, and they turned out tiny, maybe because the yeast was a little old and maybe because I used some whole wheat flour and that messed it up, I don't understand the rules of bread. But they were still really good and I ate a third of them with my soup and after the Boris Yeltsin show I ate another third with honey on them and in a little bit here I'm gonna eat the last third with peanut butter and jelly. In the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and heard my neighbor and his mom talking on his porch, they were talking about walnuts. His mom said "I've nevah seen so many walnuts, they just all over." And he said "Yeah they're all over around here, but they're not really walnuts, we just call them that." And she said "They yellow and green. You cain't eat them can you?" And he said "Noooooo, you can't eat them" and then I went back to bed without going to the bathroom and I dreamed that I was wandering around in a gigantic mall that was about to close and the only place that would give me a job was Planned Parenthood and I didn't know what to do.
Ty -- October 7, 2009
Last night I watched the best movie I have watched in quite a while: TAMPOPO. It was mostly about noodles, and it made me want to eat lots of Japanese food, and it made me want to care about food more, and it made me want to have a yellow bathtub. Maybe I was just already in a good mood but I thought it was so funny and everyone in it was so cool and it was so much better than most movies.
Ty -- OCtober 6, 2009
This weekend I ate a lot of things. On Friday night me and nine other people drove around town eating for six and a half hours. I tried to make some caramel for the apples that we ate at my house but it didn't work. Everything else that people made did work though, and my favorite things were Phil's pumpkin beer soup, Ben's curry, and Sage's cider and apple pie. I love being full and happy and tired. On Saturday morning I went to a baseball stadium and watched the most popular poet in America try to convince approximately 200 hundred people that he isn't sentimental. I wasn't convinced and there wasn't any food there. But then I met Will Hickman downtown for Taste of Springfield, and there was food everywhere. I had tikki masala and nan bread, some tiny pieces of meatloaf, a tiny filet mignon that Emily Spiller made, and a chicken leg that Tony might have made. Someone from metromix took a picture of me and Will planning what to eat:
Ty -- October 4,2009
Also Mike & Ikes are 99 cents for a big bag at Dillon's right now so you better hurry.
Ty -- September 29, 2009
All of a sudden green beans took over my garden. I thought it was too late for beans and I don't remember planting any beans, but I ate them anyway. This afternoon I was sitting on my couch reading CLOUD ATLAS when I heard someone outside saying how beautiful my garden was and a second person saying "YEAH, AND HE'S A REAL NICE GUY TOO" and I was confused until the second person started talking about eating nasturtiums and I realized it was that sort of obnoxious lady I encountered back in July, and I was embarrassed and a little ashamed and I spread out flat on my couch so they wouldn't be able to see my head in the window.
On Saturday night I went and ate with a bunch of people I had mostly never talked to before, and we ate pancakes and eggs and bacon and talked about maybe having a garden on the roof of the church, which would be so cool. After that I went and saw The First Teenager Ever. I guess they're my favorite Springfield band right now, but if they're going to be then I want to like them more than that. I liked going to a show by myself so I didn't have to worry about who I should stand by or whether whoever I was standing by liked the bands or not or tell anyone whether I liked it or not, I could just be happy about how noisy and sort of stupid it was. Sometimes I feel like I ought to go live in the woods for similar reasons, so I don't have to worry about whether or not I have a job or whether I should be doing anything besides reading books and riding my bike and staring at things. If you had no expectation of ever hanging out with anybody, would you eventually stop being lonely? I could grow tons of vegetables and a couple sheep and goats and chickens and pigs, it'd be great. It's not because I read WALDEN last month or because I started PILGRIM AT TINKER CREEK the other night, it's because I read MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN and LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS and THE AMERICAN BOY'S HANDY BOOK and all that fifteen or twenty years ago. It's a good thing I wasn't Catholic when I was a kid or I would've been so impressed by all the saints and hermits that I would've moved to the woods YEARS ago.
Ty -- September 29, 2009
I finally got a burrito from the hotdog cart downtown. Nacho cheese and bean goop and onions and Fritos rolled up in a tortilla. For a buck!
Ty -- September 24, 2009

For supper tonight I made tomato soup with lentils again. I eat a lot of lentils now because a little while ago I read this book where these two twins go back in time and they both fall in love with one of Noah's daughters and they live in a tent with Noah's dad and they're always eating a lot of lentils. So I bought some and now I eat them all the time. They're just tiny little beans I think, and you can do all the same things to them that you do to rice but you can do MORE things to them, like let them turn into mush, GOOD mush, and also they're even cheaper than rice and they're full of protein. I like to cook them with some cumin and turmeric and garam masala until they turn into mush and then I dump it over rice. It looks disgusting but it tastes good, and I like when food looks disgusting. Also I think it's really good for me to be using all those Indian spices. Normally around this time of year I would be having headaches and puking constantly but I've only had a couple headaches and I haven't puked in MONTHS. That's a huge record for me and I'm pretty sure it's because of all the water I've been drinking and all the spices I've been cooking with. Maybe I should go Ayurvedic. In this sort of obnoxious book that David Byrne made that I was looking at earlier he made a list of things that he "worships" and one was 'heavily spiced foods' and some others were 'fame' and 'primary colors'. The best part of the book was a piece of the poem at the beginning where he said

I saw hairstyles
There's a strange ritual
a strange ritual,
He keeps to himself

That should have been the whole poem, and it should have been punctuated differently, but it went on a lot longer. And actually there were several parts of the book that were a lot better than that. But during that poem I wanted to remind him of the time he said You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything. When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed! Say something once, why say it again? I think about that a lot and sometimes want to say it out loud to people who are talking, but then I remember, among other things, this food blog.
Ty -- September 23, 2009

It's been raining a lot so I've been getting in bike wrecks when I'm outside and sometimes cooking when I'm inside. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies but I'm a lot better at making dough than cookies so one night I just ate a whole giant bowl of dough. On Saturday there were some bands playing downtown in the rain all day and I went over there a couple times and all the bands were terrible except Cropdusters and the Bootheel. One of the times I was down there I got a piece of Andoro's pizza from the little cart they'd set up. On the day that Andoro's opened a guy that worked there came into the office I was working at to give everybody menus and tell us that we should go eat there and when he left this lady I was working with said she was going to divorce her husband so she could marry the Andoro's guy. I've never been there and the piece of pizza I had didn't make me want to go there too bad, but I wish they would sell it by the slice downtown all the time.
Another thing I tried to make when it was raining was ratatouille. My cookbook said all you had to do was chop up some vegetables and squashes and throw them in a pot, so I did that and it was good but it didn't look very much like it did when that rat made it. But I took it to lunch at church anyway and people were polite about it.
Ty -- September 22, 2009

When I was buying my groceries today the girl at the checkout saw what the guy in front of me was getting and said "Looks like you're gonna have some ham and cheese and tomato sandwiches tonight, huh?!" I was hoping that when she saw what I was buying she would say "Looks like you're gonna make lime Jello and roll it up in some paper towels and eat it with sour cream and yogurt, huh?!" But instead she said "Looks like you sure like dairy food, huh?!" and I said "Uhh I just needed some stuff. I just needed this." And she said "Well, we all need dairy food sometimes HAHAHAAHAA" but I didn't think that was a funny thing to say and I couldn't act like I thought it was so I just looked at my wallet and my hands and I could feel my jaw and forehead moving around.
Then I went home and made lentils with tomato soup and a grilled cheese with tomato sandwich.

Ty -- September 16, 2009

This morning I got up early to like go put doors together at church and I was all excited to scramble some eggs and listen to bluegrass records during breakfast, but my cast iron skillet made the eggs brown and gross and my record player broke and then we couldn't even figure out how to put the doors together. But I was in a good mood and I went to the Mudhouse to get a black walnut Mudpuddle and while I was in there Matt and Phil Bridges both came in. Black walnut Mudpuddles remind me of Will Andree though, and how he doesn't live here. Everyone write Will Andree a letter and tell him to live here again. Write a letter to Claire McCaskill, maybe she can do something about it. Have a little talk with the mayor.
Ty -- September 14, 2009

I had to stop doing food blog for a while because I got sick of it. And because I kept wanting to talk about millions of people starving to death every year, and how what we buy at the grocery store perpetuates our racist immigration policies, and how processed meat causes Alzheimer's, and about new monasticism, and climate change, and the Twelfth Imam, and the end of the world. But no one wants to hear about that, they just want me to talk about pizza. So here's what's been happening: I've gotten pretty good at making pizza.
It's easy and I do it like four times a week. And Max started Pizza Club which is where he says on Facebook that it's time for Pizza Club and then you go to a place and eat pizza with people you don't know. And you don't talk to anyone and you wonder why you're there but the pizza is good. Oh yeah, my garden. I got millions of cherry tomatoes and lotsa real tomatoes and a couple peppers, but bugs ate my corn and all the melons rotted. Next year I'll know what I'm doing better. I've done a good job of buying only local fruit and vegetables all summer, and mostly local meat. Local eggs is more of a pain, could someone I know please start raising chickens. Casper's opened for it's 100th year of selling weird chili. And right now I'm at Coffee Ethic and someone is in here asking why they don't sell tacos.
Ty -- September 12, 2009

Found my first watermelon! I'm planning a melon party for sometime in August, so try to be ready for that when it gets here.
And on Thursday I picked the first tomatoes. When I was taking that picture some girl on the sidewalk said "LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT SOME NICE TOMATOES THERE." And then she looked at the nasturtiums I planted because they're supposed to keep bugs away and said "THOSE RIGHT THERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TO EAT. FLOWERS TO EAT." She ate one and told me to eat one too. It tasted like really strong, bitter pepper to me but she said that it tasted like garlic and that rich people put them on their salads and that I should put them on my salads and that she was going to eat one whenever she walked by. Then she started telling how she grows grapes at some church, and I tried to ask her what church but she didn't want to tell me she just wanted to tell how they get mad at her for smoking by the grapes even though she doesn't throw her butts by the grapes, and how she always eats the flowers that grow by the grapes. I could tell she was never going to stop talking so I said I had to go do some stuff and I went inside my house and closed the door. What I had to do was make the tomatoes into this, like, salad. Just chopped em up and mixed in cilantro and garbanzo beans and lime juice and a little cumin. Pretty good. Garbanzos are my favorite beans right now.
Ty -- July 18, 2009
On Tuesday night I ate a bag of chocolate chips and they gave me strep throat. Since then I have been gargling cayenne pepper water. The internet told me to, and it sort of helps. When I was eight I had my tonsils cut out of me and the doctor said I would have to gargle hydrogen peroxide afterwards. I told him I didn't know how to gargle and he laughed at me! And while he was in there he cut off my uvula!
When I heard that the Moxie was going to have another movie about food I was like Yeah, whatever, I already know everything they're gonna talk about. But when I saw the preview for it before MOON I got bizarrely emotional! So now I guess I do have to see it because of my emotions. It's just another thing about how all the food at the grocery store is made out of corn and chemicals, and cows and pigs and chickens are fed corn and chemicals and it makes them deformed and miserable and then we eat them and then we get deformed and miserable too. A couple nights ago I listened to Jarrett and Garon talk about pig and chicken farms and how they're glad they're not farmers, but I didn't say anything, I just listened and wondered whether I'm glad I'm not a farmer. If I get to be reincarnated ten times, I want to be a farmer at least one of the times. Probably more than one of the times. Shannon says she doesn't want to live forever, she just wants to live for two hundred years. What I want is to live the normal amount and then get reincarnated ten times. Not into the future though, into the past. Actually maybe not into the past either, maybe I want to be born in 1983 ten times. I think a lot about what a good thing it is that I got born when I did because the past and the future are both too scary for me.
Ty -- July 16, 2009

A little bit ago I ate at Purple Burrito Express with Nathan, everyone else had already been there but I hadn't. I had a carne asada taco and a veggie quesadilla, they were good. I would go there again if I wanted to get Mexican to go but usually I would rather eat with other people than by myself and I think I would rather eat at Amigos or Tamale King or Tortilleria. Like it was good and I liked it in there but I dunno it was greasy or something. And the food wasn't purple. And lately I'm way into purple. I made fish tacos again and made them better by adding rice and thai basil, and also taking Alyson's advice and adding purple cabbage. Look at how pretty green and white and purple food is together:
And look at my first tiny green pepper and me in my purple shirt:
On Saturday Jeff and Nathan made tons of bbq chicken and it was bright orange and so good. Jeff says they're going to open a restaurant and I hope they do. After I ate the chicken I went and saw my favorite Springfield band and then saw a very popular country band. You can tell they're a country band because they have a song about going fishing and because Todd wears a plaid shirt. I'm not making fun of them, I like some of their songs a lot, I'm just suspicious of the way people react to them. Anyway I bought their bbq sauce but I haven't tried it yet because I forgot it in Alyson's purse. Alyson and John I know you guys read this, you can open it up and use some if you want, I won't mind.
Ty -- July 14, 2009
Everyone in this town is too stupid to give me a job but "Fireworks" was playing on the square when I was getting stuff at the farmer's market and now my backpack is full of corn and peaches and sourdough bread and comic books and I'm about to go see a movie and tomorrow I'm gonna teach myself to juggle citrus fruits.
Ty -- July 10, 2009
In the last week I have eaten a lot of things that I didn't type on here but maybe you saw me eating them or you ate them too: mango salsa burger at Jarrett and Sage's, sushi in St Louis, steak at Tony and Matt and Dakotah's, cheeseburger cake that Maggie brought to their house, and this fake meat that looked like no-bake cookies that somebody else brought to their house and was actually kind of good. Uuhhh probably other things, who knows. Oh yeah, yesterday I made the best fish tacos. Just grilled tilapia with sour cream and cilantro and lime juice all stirred together and dumped on. I keep not going to the farmer's market or to any plant places because I know I'll spend a lot of money (I mean, like, fourteen dollars or something) there and it sucks because I feel like if there's anywhere that it's inherently Good to spend money it's those kinds of places, right? Also I'm worried that I'm turning into either a huge hippie or a dirty militiaman, luckily I don't think any kinds of people are stupid.
Ty -- July 8, 2009
Yesterday I pulled up the last of the potatoes. I put the two biggest ones in the cabinet to eat later and boiled the rest along with some tiny carrots and then ate them with butter and basil. Whenever I eat potatoes I always think of a famous painting and after that I think of a grosser famous painting. And when I eat sort of charred fish I always think of the time Jesus made breakfast for the disciples.
A while ago when I said I saw tiny green corns forming I was wrong, it was those things up there. That picture was taken a couple days ago and the corn is now taller than my head. Those things are the corn's uuhhhhh "tassels" and the little seed parts fall off and they have to try to get down to the female part of the corn to fertilize it and that's where the actual ear of corn will eventually be. I had to reread the corn sex part of OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA. It's weird that this is happening in my yard and that I'm going to eat cornbabies.
Ty -- June 28, 2009

good bread cheap cheese
Ty -- June 27, 2009

Last night Maggie got us a suite at the baseball game. We had unlimited popcorn so I filled my hat up with popcorn and we filled the suite up with popcorn and filled the stadium up with popcorn. I wanted to eat a turkey leg but I couldn't afford one so I got a corndog. Nathan was so mad about the turkey legs that he punched something and his blood got on me. The night before I had cheese fries at Rendezvous with Shannon and Dakotah and quesadillas with Tony and Dakotah a little later. But in general I am eating a lot of eggs and beans and rice. A certain amount of tilapia. Ya wanna open a tilapia farm with me?
But I forgot to tell how on Friday I went to Whisler's, the new burger place downtown. When I was walking there I saw J.R. looking for his briefcase and straw hat to take to his new job and he told me he had already been to Whisler's and he liked it. Then I went there myself and I liked it too. They didn't have their milkshake machine yet, and I went back again two days later just to get a shake and they still didn't have it. Everyone is mad about the milkshakes not being there yet, and some people (Nathan) are mad that it's there at all. When him and Tom were talking about how they hope it goes out of business because it's where O'Connell's used to be I thought of a Wendell Berry poem where he says There are no unsacred places;/ there are only sacred places/ and desecrated places. I like when he says that because it makes me feel weird and it makes me think about words and, uh, places.
Ty -- June 25, 2009
Doner kebab sounds good. Kinda like a gyro? I guess we all thought you were doing too much cool stuff to want to read any other books right now, you can start it when you get back, we won't be done. Another book I'm reading is ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE. The title is dumb and both the front and back cover are really embarrassing so it's hard to read in public but I like it quite a bit. It's making me want to cook pizza and lasagna and spring rolls and make my own cheese (it sounds really easy!!) and live on a farm in Virginia. There was also a little part about how weird it is that humans drink milk, which is something I think about a lot, and it talked about how our bodies aren't really made to be good at digesting milk, but almost everybody with northern Europeans ancestors is good at it because they've been living with cows for so long, and so are people with southern and western African ancestry, because they had cattle and goats too. But southern Europeans and Native Americans and almost all Asians are much more likely to be lactose intolerant because they don't have as long of a history with domesticated dairy animals. Cool! But in general the book is just about this family who tries to only eat food that originated in their county for a year. I only eat a few vegetables and fruit from Greene county. And like yogurt and milk I guess. Sort of. Last night I bought non-US orange juice for the first time in several months and felt a little bad about it. I want to start buying local meat, but I just hardly ever buy any meat anyway. I wonder if any restaurants use local meat. Does anybody around here raise sheep? I want some mutton.
Ty -- June 22, 2009

I didn't notice any Pizza Huts or Taco Bells in the Czech Republic or in Germany either, I don't think. That song is really catchy. KFC and McDonald's were all over the place in Prague though. I have seen a McDonald's in every city I have been to in Europe I am pretty sure. One thing that is really big in Germany and I am not sure why you don't really see it in the USA is Turkische doner kebab restaurants. Doner kebab is about the cheapest meal you can have and is really good. It is like a giant taco with lots of pork or beef, lettuce, onion, cabbage, and dressing, except the taco shell is made out of pizza crust-like bread. Why was I not invited to read The Grapes of Wrath? We were talking about it in Nuremberg the other day and I thought I should read it.
Joel -- June 21, 2009

A little bit ago I gave myself a haircut and then took my hair out of the sink and scattered it in my garden. I heard you should do that because I guess the birds and bugs or whatever might smell the hair and get scared and leave instead of eating your vegetables, and I wanted to do it because it made me feel like a witchdoctor. The garden smells good and is spilling out of all its walls. Here's a picture that won't really help you understand it at all:
And here's a picture of some little green tomato babies:
I haven't eaten any tomatoes yet, but I can eat potatoes and sweet peas and lettuce and spinach and beets and carrots. Basil. Probably more things. And the watermelon and cantaloupe are doing good and I can see green little corns forming, all wrapped up in their leaves. Ants are crawling on them, I hope that's not bad. Me and my mom and dad are all reading THE GRAPES OF WRATH, lots of it is very slow and boring in that way I like, there were several long paragraphs where nothing happened except some corn died, it was great.
Ty -- June 18, 2009
Get ready to get real sick of this song about Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. They got those in Czhecho, Joel?
Ty -- June 16, 2009
Go to the Czech Republic! You can get pretty good food there and it's not very expensive. This is goulash in a bread bowl. Long live food blog!
Joel -- June 15, 2009
Hi I'm at Rendezvous. I hardly ever go here because there are other places I like a lot better, but Jeff told me he had the best chocolate shake of his life here, so I'm gonna try it. They haven't brought it to me yet though. I also ordered cheese fries and the girl said "... is that just a normal snack for you?" and I said "uuhhhh, yeah" and she said "WOW, you're LUCKY." I never understand what people are talking about but I do try to remember that I'm lucky. What else have I eaten. On Friday I bought some blueberries at the farmer's market on the square and ate them in the library. And I went to Taylor's with Nathan for lunch and then we had to go to Steak n Shake in the middle of the night, so that was two steakburgers in one day. On Saturday I helped paint the church and ate biscuits n gravy and cupcakes and a cheeseburger while I did it. Me and Garon and Ryan ended up getting gift certificates to Chili's because they said we were the best and fastest painters but I suspect there were other reasons. After that I ate beans and beers and hotdogs and cookies and pasta salad with Nathan and Maggie and Jeff and Rogan and we played bocce and watched people beat each other up. And now the milkshake and cheese fries are here and I am eating them. Both are really good. Shake could be thicker. I keep thinking I should stop doing food blog but then I don't. Thomas Merton says "We must be content to live without watching ourselves live" but I like telling what I eat and who I eat with. He said that in the fifties though, maybe if he was alive today he would have a food blog too.
Ty -- June 14, 2009
I just drank some expired orange juice, how bad do you think that is? It had been expired for fourteen days. After I drank it I saw it was expired but I didn't throw it away I just put it back in the fridge. Do you think it'll make me throw up at my job interview this afternoon? It's the realest job interview I have had in quite a while, so I hope not. It's not THAT real of a job though, it's the same job my cousin Hannah had when she was sixteen. I just don't understand how the orange juice got expired though. I mean I usually drink a lot of orange juice! What happened is I bought some different orange juice to take to work, and then I drank it at home too while the first orange juice started to expire. Also I mostly have cereal for breakfast now, and I don't like orange juice with cereal for breakfast I only like orange juice with eggs for breakfast, and I only like eggs for breakfast in the winter. Joel is in charge of food blog for the rest of the summer.
Ty -- June 10, 2009
Hallo! Iíve been living in Germany for almost two weeks now. I have been spending almost all of my free money on food, which is pretty good. The first week I went out to eat every meal and tried lots of stuff. This week I have been eating at the student cafeteria called the Mensa more and making sandwiches. About half the time at the Mensa, I get schnitzel, which is basically pork steak, with a large portion of noodles or pommes frites. My drink in the picture is Orange Fanta, but it tastes a lot more like orange juice in Germany. Sprite tastes a little different too and you are not allowed to drink normal (non-mineral) water at most places.

The meal in the second picture was called Grillhaxe which is pork knuckle. I got it at Martinsbrau, the nicest German restaurant I have eaten at. I may have annoyed or at least confused the waiter, because I didnít know it was mine when he first brought it out and he went around asking all the tables of people who ordered it. About half of the people here speak English well and I feel a little bad for not understanding German, but it has worked fine.

For most of the restaurants in Freiburg we sit and eat outside at tables on the street, which is nice because the weather is really great here. Iíve pretty much stayed in Freiburg everyday except for a trip to the Black Forest. I am on my way to Dresden on a night train tonight. Barack Obama was coincidentally in Dresden yesterday, but I donít think he still will be when we get there. Then Iím going to Nuremburg on Sunday. Hopefully I will get to do a lot more travelling and try some new food too.

Joel -- June 5, 2009

Pokemon macaroni, Trout Slayer Ale

Ty -- June 2, 2009

For a little bit I was mad because I can't find that parmesan cheese were you curl it out yourself anywhere. Everyone LOVED that, I don't know why they would stop making it. But I'm not mad about it anymore because a bag of regular ole shredded is just as good and I decided on my favorite shape of pasta: ziti, duh.

I hope someone else wants to eat kabobs for lunch tomorrow. Steak ones.

Ty -- May 29, 2009

I'm at the library and on the way over here I saw that in the spot where O'Connell's used to be - not where the tattoo place is now, the other place - there's going to be a Whistler's Burgers. What's that, I hope it's good. Also on the way over here someone said to me "where the apple mart at!" but we don't have an... apple mart.

Ty -- May 27, 2009

Last night, when I was asleep, I was walking to the grocery store and there was an old man walking a ways in front of me, walking very slowly so that I had to slow down my walking so that I wouldn't catch up with him. As slow as I walked I couldn't help but catch up with him, and when I did we talked to each other and he turned out to be younger than I thought. We got in a car and he got younger again and we went to the grocery store together, actually a vegetable barn outside of Dillons. Now the old man had become a lot younger, one of my friends, someone I know in real life, and there were very inexpensive turnips and sweet potatoes and mushrooms in the barn, all kinds of mushrooms, in the dream I knew all about mushrooms, and we spent the rest of the dream chopping them up together and talking on our cellphones.

After that I was on the top floor of a hotel with my extended family, watching people swim in the pool down on the bottom floor. On tv the news said that China had just issued a new type of currency and that there were free samples of it in the other corner of our room. We each went over and got one, they were green and gray plastic dodecahedrons that you could fold up lots of different ways. Most people were confused and disappointed and disinterested but to me this seemed very ominous and I could feel my heart beating and I was afraid. On the news people were saying how absurd the new money was, they were saying they were just toys, what were banks going to do have piles and piles of these things, how would they fit into cash drawers? But I knew all that and I knew why. Someone came on tv and said what I already knew, that paper money hadn't meant anything for a hundred years, all that mattered was the abstract unfathomable numbers on a computer screen, and the people behind the new money were mocking all the tiny normal people and our need for something concrete.

But before any of that, when I was awake, I ate lunch with Phil and Grace and their moms and Sharon and Paul. Everyone wanted to talk about Daniel and Abby Zender and growing vegetables on giant towers. If I had that many vegetables, I wouldn't know what to do with them because I don't have a family of four to feed for a year, I only have myself to feed for a year.

Ty -- May 26, 2009

Every day now I have a salad out of my garden - spinach and lettuce and beet tops and carrot tops, really good. I'm ready for corn and cantaloupe and watermelon and cherry tomatoes etcetc but those are all quite a ways away. I might be able to eat little baby potatoes soon though.

Last night Colleen started her birthday party at my house and we all had burgers and watermelon and sweet potatoes and did anyone ever do anything with those peaches? I just now remembered them.

Ty -- May 22, 2009

In between the midtown library and the city utilities building there's this banner that shows this lady smiling lady holding a roll of pink insulation and it says Save Money And Energy! and I have seen it a lot of times but today was the first day I realized she was holding some insulation and not a giant piece of pastrami.

Ty -- May 19, 2009

A couple days ago I walked to Downtown Market to buy a single onion. It was my second time going in there. I needed the onion for the Himalaya rice and I was briefly outraged because I thought they didn't sell onions, but they were just in a different place than all the other vegetables. When I was walking home with the onion I remembered a part in THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV where somebody told a story about someone who never did anything good in their whole life and then one day they gave a poor person an onion, and then when they died and went to hell an angel came to hell with an onion and the person in hell grabbed onto the onion too and the angel dragged them out of hell with the onion. All my favorite parts in this book are about food. Dmitri is currently my favorite of the brothers because the last few chapters have been about him and a while ago he talked about oysters:

"There's no time for oysters," said Mitya. "And I'm not hungry. Do you know, friend," he said suddenly, with feeling, "I never have liked all this disorder."

Ty -- May 18, 2009

On Friday at work there were homemade breakfast burritos and the best homemade salsa and me and Tina and Karen went to Pappy's for lunch and when I got home I had some orange sherbert and then I went to South Ave and had pizza with Nathan and Matt and then I threw up!! On Saturday all I ate all day was a giant smoothie and a giant pot of Himalayan rice. Today after church I grilled some veggies and then went to Ace to get some cherry tomato plants and cauliflower plants and green bean seeds and Nathan was getting off work so we went to Buckingham's for some bbq and Nathan was in the best mood of his life. Right now I'm drinking a big ole Coke and I'm in the best mood of MY life! Big ole sun is hot and bright, I'm grilling every day, everybody's done with school, I'm about to not have a job, supposedly Pineapple Whip's open, and all I'm wearing for rest of the summer is green gym shorts and SOMETIMES a bright yellow t-shirt.

Ty -- May 17, 2009

At work people kept giving me snacks: banana nut muffins, marshmallows, slim jims, Butterfingers, pumpkin cookies etc etc etc. When I got home I made lemon limeade and lemon lime yellow pepper tomato basil rice, both of which were DECENT. I also found a DECENT Springfield food blog a few days ago, and today I found another one that I like a little better. The first one showed me where you can win food at the new Ziggies, there's gonna be 400 winners so go win something and then we can all go eat our free food togther.

Also I finally made myself try something other than a burger at Grad School and didn't regret it at all, fish tacos highly recommended, best restaurant in town.

Ty -- May 13, 2009

Last night I was told I need to plant my cantaloupes IMMEDIATELY. Karen at work's dad was supposed to find out for me what kind of cantaloupe seeds to plant but he can't remember, but I'm not too concerned about planting them IMMEDIATELY, in real life they would just get planted whenever a bird poops them onto the ground, not on some certain day. The rest of my garden is growing really good and I want to eat it already. Whenever someone hears I have a garden they have a lot to say about it. Not that I just tell people I have a garden, I never just tell anyone anything, but they find out. People either have lots of questions or lots of advice, and it gives me a chance to act either a lot smarter or a lot dumber than I actually am.

On Monday there was a bbq at my house and Nathan and John & Alyson and Maggie and Phil & Grace all came. Maggie made some really good cauliflower and me and Nathan collaborated on some vegetable packets. Cauliflower and radishes can both taste good, I had no idea. The theme of the bbq was supposed to be pigmeat but no one hardly ate any. I had bought some pork brats at the farmer's market on Saturday but I was predisposed to not like them because the guy selling them to me tried to tell me they would be the best thing I would ever eat. I had already bought them so it's not like he had to convince me of anything, and The Best Thing I Have Ever Eaten is always just going to be like a chocolate chip cookie or a watermelon or maybe some pizza, so why would someone try to tell me it's going to be their stupid pork brat or cheesesteak or oven-roasted chicken. Anyway today after work I mowed my lawn and then grilled the leftover vegetables and a leftover brat and felt real good and now I'm sleepy.

Ty -- May 6, 2009

If we all kept kosher nunna this woulda happened!

Ty -- April 30, 2009

Huevos rancheros whatever way you want it: ants on the skillet, hotpad on fire, Graceland on repeat. Only place plays more Paul Simon than me is South Ave.

Minutes after posting that thing about No Money May I found out I'm not going to Mexico anymore, and that was my main reason for wanting to save money, so nobody freak out I can still eat supper with you and drink two beers with you and and get fries at trivia with you and go to the library book sale by myself. If I spend slightly less money on hanging out with people and significantly less money on hanging out with myself I think that'll be enough to get me a decent savings piled up.

And the ole Bailey's is gonna get turned into a ZIGGIE"S?! What kinda world is this anyway! What do people think! Personally I'm real cool with it as long as it doesn't run Lili's outta business, but I think it probably will.

Ty -- April 29, 2009

A couple days ago I ate at Bambino's with Will and Colleen and it was the last time I can go out to eat with anyone for a long time. We sat on the patio and there was parmesan blowing all over all of us. The reason I can't go out to eat with you for a while is because I started No Money May four days early. No Money May is where all month long you don't spend any money on anything besides groceries and gas and bills, and you cut your gas expenditures in half and your grocery expenditures by 30%. I made those last parts up just now actually, and specific numbers aren't important - spirit over letter - but the idea is to put a lot of money in the bank. The main thing I have learned so far while doing this is that country radio gets even better if you replace every instance of the word 'Texas' with the word 'breakfast.'

Ty -- April 28, 2009

This morning I got to go to the the farmer's market for the first time this year, and I got eggs and honey and was still too confused and intimidated to try to buy meat. Yesterday I went to Pappy's for lunch again and it was so good and the sun was so bright and I'm gonna get the catfish next time. Then at night I went to the baseball game with Nathan and Eric and John and Alyson. I got nachos and remembered the time I went to a football game with Will and his parents and shared nachos with his dad and we both kept spilling cheese on Will's lap. Alyson and Eric both had funnel cake for the first time ever. It was kind of a lousy funnel cake though, it was more of a cake than it should have been, it was just donut blobs. It also had a gross burnt birthmark on it that Nathan made me eat :

I'm still reading THE COMPASSIONATE CARNIVORE, and it was making me want to be a sheep or pig farmer, but now there's that pig flu in Mexico that's killing everybody. When swine flu mutated in 1918, it killed over 500,000 people in the US, and five percent of the population worldwide! I'm trying not to freak out about it, but viruses are one of the scariest things and I think they're going to play an important part in the end of the world and I'm going to Mexico in like a month.

Ty -- April 25, 2009

Apple n mushroom stir fry: not bad, but not recommended.

Ty -- April 23, 2009

How can you tell if something is good for you: if it takes a long time to give you diarrhea. The spaghetti I made gave me diarrhea two hours after I ate it, so that means it's healthy and good for me. When I eat at McDonald's or Applebee's I get diarrhea before I'm even done eating because it just goes straight on through and there's no nutrients or anything grabbing at my insides and being absorbed and making things slide slower.

Ty -- April 21, 2009

Today I mowed my lawn for the first time this year and then drank the last two bear beers and ate some beans n rice n avocado. I meant to read those chapters of DANDELION WINE about the first lawn mowing of the year, but I was too excited to read about it, I had to go do it. My garden is coming up good too - tiny little carrots and beets and onions and lettuces and spinaches. This weekend I'm going to plant tomatoes and watermelons. Two weekends ago I told Tony and Maggie that I'm going to replant my whole garden with corn, but I don't know why I said that, it's not true. And then this last weekend I was at Maggie's apartment and she was showing everyone her basil plant, and I smelled it and coveted it. So yesterday I went to the Drury plant sale and got two kinds of tiny basil plants. They're too tiny to be of much use yet though, so after that I went to the grocery store and got a package of basil leaves and it cost me more than the two little plants put together, and I used to to make the best spaghetti. I keep making the best spaghetti and the best burritos. What I have noticed though is that I never eat meat because I'm not good at picking it out or cooking it. But if anyone ever wants to go to some restaurant to eat giant expensive steaks, let me know, I'm very willing.

Ty -- April 21, 2009

A couple days ago I heard that India is probably headed for a dust bowl and its farmers are all in debt because a couple decades ago they were convinced to stop farming the way they had for thousands of years and start farming like Modern Americans, with monocultures and lots of chemicals. And then that night I watched that movie THE FUTURE OF FOOD which is about genetically modified food and genetically modified seeds and how Monsanto is using them to take over all the crops in the world (this sounds like an exagerration but IT"S NOT) and how Springfield MO's own Johnny Ashcroft helped them out in their court cases against regular old farmers. Whatta guy! After all that I was so upset that I had to go be angry somewhere so I went and hung out with those tea party people but I don't think I agreed with many of them and I stopped being angry and got confused.

Then last night immedately after leaving Bible study I realized I hadn't eaten in over eight hours and by the time I got to the grocery store I felt like throwing up and I had had a bad premonition about the coming weekend that made me really stupid and lonely, so I just wandered around the grocery store being miserable and ended up at the checkout with a box of tea, two cans of ABC Spaghettios and some kind of nasal spray. When I got home I ate the Spaghettios lukewarm and in the dark so that if they tried to spell anything at me I wouldn't see it, and I told myself this was an accurate metaphor for my life. I tried to think if there was anything in my house that would make me sleep good and then I remembered that part at the end of THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW where he takes his sick mom the magic apple and feeds it to her "and no sooner had she finished it than she smiled and her head sank back on the pillow and she was asleep: a real, natural, gentle sleep, without any of those nasty drugs, which was, as Digory knew, the thing in the whole world that she wanted most." That made me feel a little better but today I still didn't feel good enough to eat anything besides saltines and Gatorade.

Ty -- April 17, 2009

Grampa looked at the table and said "there's enough candy over there for the whole country" and I thought about all the candy in the country and how big of a pile it would make. Texas just declared independence, I might go to a tea party.

Ty -- April 14, 2009

For lunch today I went to I think a VFW hall with Tina and we got cheeseburgers, it's where she goes to play bingo. When we got back to work our boss was very impressed with our cheeseburgers and with us, as she always is. For supper I went to Korea House with Matt. It was alright, but not great, I don't know why I would go there again. I liked how orange and yellow the inside was though. I got some kind of sauce all over the sleeve of my jacket and there might be blood on the inside of my jacket, but I'm a little too nervous to check. The blood's not from eating at Korea House, it's from something else that happened.

I'm reading this book THE COMPASSIONATE CARNIVORE. People keep asking me what it's about and I like to say "meat" and then just stare at them. If they want more information than that I say that it's about a lesbian who has a farm. See, I had heard about the book, and then when I saw it was written by a girl I immediately assumed she was a lesbian, and also felt like a jerk for assuming that. But then when she pointed out in the first paragraph that she was in fact a lesbian, I felt like a little bit less of a jerk. It's really interesting and easy to read. She talks about how many pounds of meat Americans eat every year, and how it adds up to something like 240 total animals. Every year you eat TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY animals! So do I! She also talks about how much meat gets wasted, and it's disgusting. Basically every year tons of animals are raised as meat and then slaughtered but no one eats them, they just get thrown in dumps. This happens to like millions of animals. I would give you actual numbers but I don't have time to look them up right now because I have to go watch some of my favoritebands. So just read the book yourself, the library's got it.

Ty -- April 10, 2009

When blackberries get moldy they just look like they have sugar on them.

Ty -- April 8, 2009

On Saturday I finally planted my garden and then it immediately dropped to 29 degrees and it is currently snowing.

On Sunday morning halfway through church I had to hurry to the bathroom and throw up something neon green. It was my first time throwing up in like two months, which is really good for me, but I used to always kind of know why I was throwing up, but I have no idea what that was or why it happened. After church I was in a car full of people and we went to Planet Sub, I had never been there before. It was Good and their bread was Really Good.

Several people at work say they're going to start growing their own tobacco, and I'm allowed to talk about this on food blog now because tobacco has recently come under the jurisdiction of the FDA. That's not something I have much of an opinion about, but it seems like something Wendell Berry would be mad about, and I usually trust his opinion on things. He's the only person currently living who I would unhesitatingly describe as Wise. I think it's cool that they're going to grow their own tobacco, even though I think smoking is really stupid. It's really depressing to see someone over the age of, say, 30 smoking, and I'm okay with people doing stupid things but not okay with people doing depressing things. The reason they want to grow their own tobacco is because the taxes on cigarettes are gonna go up so much, and I think it's cool that they're mad about something being taxed, it makes me feel like this is the Revolutionary War.

Ty -- April 6, 2009

Last night at the grocery story I creeped out a girl in the banana section and a different girl in the yogurt section. I then spent several minutes wandering back and forth between the organic and inorganic eggs. While I wondered whether it was okay to buy free range eggs that came in a styrofoam package (I'm boycotting styrofoam, have I told you about this? even Sonic!), a dude in shorts and a ski vest brought over an old lady who worked there, and pointed out that the Farm Fresh eggs that were supposed to be on sale weren't on the shelf. Those eggs were the main reason I had come to the store. The three of us took turns making eye contact with each other and not saying anything and then I got nervous and wandered off. While I was picking out a salad dressing I heard someone on the intercom say "would the young man who wanted the Farm Fresh eggs please come back over here by all the other eggs" and I pretended they were talking about me instead of the ski vest guy, but when I got over there there were still no good eggs and I had to get the cheap little white ones. I eat a lot of eggs lately and I don't wanna be a snob, but those white ones are no good.

At Bible study a little bit ago we had really good taco salad and talked about heartburn and I have to get out of here now because there's shredded cheese and sour cream getting all hot and melted in my backpack.

Ty -- April 2, 2009

All the apple trees survived. If anyone reading this owns a house, I'll bring a couple over and you can plant em in your yard. And in fifteen years you can pick an apple off of it. I don't actually know how long it takes, probably not quite that long.

I've been eating lots of black beans n rice because it's delicious and because it's the Great Depression. Also lots of ice cream.

Ty -- March 30, 2009

When I dig my hands into my compost pile it's warm in there, so that means it's working - I'm making dirt. I dumped some eggshells and avocado rinds and lots of dead grass and dead leaves and the tops of pineapples and a few handfuls of those little purple flowers and it turns all that stuff into something better than dirt, I can't believe it. I like to think of the compost pile as a stomach sitting out in the corner of my yard. I don't know how the stomach that's inside of me works, so I can call anything a stomach that I want to.

Back in October when I was eating a lot of apples I planted some apple seeds in little pots and then put the pots in holes in the ground and then covered the pots with a pile of leaves to keep them warm for the winter, and now I have a couple of the tiniest little apple trees growing. I can't believe that that can happen either. It's supposed to snow tomorrow so I covered them back up, they better survive. And as soon as this last snow gets out of here I'm gonna finally plant my garden.

Ty -- March 27, 2009

YUUMMMMM tiny little rice & black bean & avocado burritos

OWWWWCHH burning my thumb every time I turn over the tortillas

Ty -- March 23, 2009

I've been sending a lot of facebook messages about milk and I read all the Bible verses about milk and I said something about milk and then people prayed for me. If you didn't know, we (humans) are the only things that keep drinking milk after we stop being babies. And now that I think about it, I assume we're the only ones that drink milk that comes from another species. Unless that's what those ants are doing, drinking aphid milk. But that's probably not the same. Anyway I decided it's alright to drink milk. Will Hickman says organic milk is stupid and that if you live in Springfield you should buy Hiland milk, and I trust him because he used to be a dairy farmer. When that movie 'Milk' was in theaters I went and saw it and I was expecting to feel sad or angry when I left the theater but I didn't really. I don't know how to care about any movies or any sports.

Ty -- March 22, 2009

popcorn and blackberries for supper, blackberries and toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast, Pappy's for lunch, pizza for supper, pizza for lunch.

I don't know why it took me so long to realize I should go to Pappy's for lunch. Me and Tina went on Friday and it was great. It's a two minute walk from work, they've got country music and good brisket and funny friendly people, and drinking a beer on your lunch break makes you feel real cool.

I am currently sitting alone in the Mudhouse for the first time in my life, I am currently comfortable in the Mudhouse for the first time in my life.

Ty -- March 21, 2009

special edition update

Eating Some Ice Cream

Ty -- March 19, 2009

Hi I'm in California and we're about to eat a pizza that's in the oven. But so far all I have eaten here is some raspberries and some sand. On the airplane I read a part in THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV that was good and scary and about bread. A couple Thursdays ago Lindsay made the best rye bread. When I get back to Missouri I want to start trying to make bread again. Don't get too upset but I kind of hate this blog lately.

Ty -- March 14, 2009

Is it possible to overdose on vitamin C? One time Maggie said orange juice is bad for your teeth, and it hasn't stopped me from drinking gallons and gallons and gallons of it but I think about it sometimes, and I've started flossing. Is Emergen-C bad for your teeth? I don't actually care, I just want to know. It's all I ate all weekend except for a Black Walnut Peanut Butter Puddle from the Mudhouse. Will Andree was right, it was really good.

Ty -- March 9, 2009

I think I got distracted from my main point which was that we should be aware and concerned that the modern food system is set up to make us unhealthy and unhappy and also destroy the world, but that we should be more immediately concerned with the fact that there are lots of people starving to death.

Ummm anyway: when I went to the grocery store a couple nights ago someone wearing a tie looked at me suspiciously and asked if he could help me and I said he couldn't. Then I saw Brian and Brice, and Brian asked if I was looking for something and I said I couldn't remember where the salad dressing was. He asked if I was looking for the cheap kind, and I said I was looking for all the kinds. I ended up getting Newman's Own Cranberry Walnut, as recommended by Alyson, and which had a bizarre short story on the label. As I was buying it the cashier asked if it was good, and I told her it was really good even though I had never tasted it, and then she asked if it was salad dressing or bbq sauce.

Last night I went to the library to write a story about a girl making tacos and then I went to the cheesesteak place to get some onion rings. Right before the onion rings a little boy pointed at me and told his mom "I don't want THAT guy in my house!" "Yeah, he's scary, isn't he?" his mom said. At first my feelings were hurt and then I got mad and then I realized that they weren't even talking about me, they were talking about a big painting hanging behind me in a window. "No," the boy said, "he's just UGLY." The onion rings were really good, as long as you like fried, salty, crunchy stuff. I just want there to be lots of places downtown where we can get some good snacks.

Ty -- March 7, 2009

If anybody saw my sort of insane post a few weeks ago about climate change/the end of the world/etc that I decided to delete for... religious reasons... I'm still thinking about all that stuff except now I'm thinking that I was worried about it in the wrong way. Like, if the aspect of climate change that makes me the angriest is how much the poorest people in the world will be affected by it, maybe I should try to do things that would directly benefit them instead of worrying that the beef I eat is indirectly hurting them by minutely contributing to climate change, which I'm pretty sure is unstoppable at this point anyway. I mean, instead of paying significantly more for local meat, I could donate the money I would have spent on that to The Water Project, or something. My cousin Katelyn, who is, like, sixteen, drinks mostly water and gives the money she would have spent on coffee or soda or whatever to the Water Project. Eating is one of the main things Jesus does and talks about in the Bible, and he's always telling people not to worry about what they're going to eat or what other people are eating. And I know everyone thinks he's just saying not to worry about the future but I really think he also means that it's not good to be neurotic about what kinds of things you eat. I want to talk about this for a long time, I want to talk about everything for a long time. sry so srs

Ty -- March 4, 2009

Weekend Update: On Friday night I did what I always do on Friday nights which is nothing. At 11:30 I decided I needed orange juice so I went to Food 4 Less and while I was there I got a call from Tina and Martha and they played the piano and harmonica for me. On Saturday morning I walked and drove in the snow and then ate apples and kumquats and kohlrabi sprouts in my house. It was my first time buying kumquats in my life, and on the same day my dad bought them for the first time in forty years. We didn't plan it. In the afternoon I went to Grad School with Will. The Full Ride is still maybe my favorite burger in town but it seemed smaller than the last time I had it and I think the bun was different. Is the bad economy finally having a direct effect on my life?? Later I went to South Ave with Will and Colleen and later than that everyone had a delicious/horrific meal at Steak n Shake. On Sunday the sermon at church was about hotdogs and part of it reminded me of the poem about a hallway. When church was over I didn't leave, I stayed and ate the best tamales and refried beans. I didn't even know I liked refried beans.

Ty -- March 1, 2009

as opposed to CONSIDERING making yogurt

Ty -- February 27, 2009

excuse me - THINKING about making yogurt

Ty -- February 27, 2009

making tacos, making popcorn, making yogurt, making compost

Ty -- February 26, 2009

Well I have eaten a lot of things: Alyson's chicken chili, Lili's with Matt, Lili's with my grandparents, Boner party of eight at Lambert's, marshmallows at work, pizza at work, pizza at small group, pizza with myself, several cheesesteaks, several bananas, lots of rice, a couple sardines. I had an idea to start a foodblog side-project called Eating Fifty Cheesesteaks, but now I probably won't do it because it would be really funny but also expensive and unhealthy and I like cheesesteaks but I don't love them.

What I have been thinking about is how because of the country we live in and the decades we live in, for every meal we could eat almost literally whatever we want. Of all the foods that have ever been eaten on the planet, we could basically have ANY of them. That's what I try to think about when I am eating and getting ready to eat: out of everything that exists, THIS is what I'm choosing. It's like at the beginning of IZZO when Jay-Z says "Thanks for comin' out tonight. You coulda been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me. I appreciate that." I love that so much, I think about it every time I hang out with people. One of my other favorite things Jay-Z says is also about food but it has a cuss in it so I won't say it here.

Ty -- February 22, 2009

I used the steaming tray on my rice cooker to make a good meal of fish, vegetables, and rice. Mark Leidner used a website to make a a good poem about buying groceries and chopping up vegetables for a stew. When I make vegetable stew it looks disgusting. Everyone at works says it looks and smells so good but what are they talking about, my favorite thing about it is how disgusting it looks.

Ty -- February 17. 2009

This morning I had brownies for breakfast but usually I have eggs and toast and orange juice, and lately I have been having eggs and toast and orange juice and blueberries. Blueberries keep being really cheap at Food 4 Less so I keep getting them, and Food 4 Less is the grocery store I go to the most often now. My only problems with it are: 1. no good bread 2. no craisins 3. i can't figure out who Knathan's brother is. But pretending that every person I see at Food 4 Less is Knathan's brother is a really hilarious game.

Yesterday for lunch I went to the new Chicago CheeseSteak place downtown - it's in the old Merle's spot, right between the Mudlounge and the new Merle's. The guy who runs it was very friendly and while he made my sandwich he assured me several times that it would be the best Chicago cheesesteak I had ever eaten. Little did he know it was the only Chicago cheesesteak I had ever eaten. It was good, not great, I have surprisingly little to say about it, but I'm sure I'll go there again eventually. Then, at night, I went to Food 4 Less to get eggs and orange juice and blueberries and brownie mix. While I was there I realized that the last several times I had been in Food 4 Less I had not been by myself, and I got lonely and went home and made the brownies but I didn't eat them I just went to bed.

Ty -- February 15, 2009

It felt like spring for a few days and I started planning my garden by making lists and doing research and stabbing the ground with sticks and squeezing wet leaves in my hands. I want to do better at having a garden this year and I want to grow vegetables that I can take to a bbq. On Sunday me and Will and Knathan had the first bbq of the year. After a while Matt came to the bbq, and then a dog came to the bbq.

Tonight I had shrimp pad thai and crab rangoon for supper again. Crab rangoon has never seemed like a very Chinese food to me so I looked it up and it's not. No one knows when it was invented, some people say the 1950s and some people say it was invented at the 1904 World's Fair in St Louis. Supposedly every food was invented there though. Foods reportedly invented at the 1904 World's Fair:

ice cream cones, funnel cake, cotton candy, ravioli, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, iced tea, Dr Pepper, crab rangoon

Ty -- February 11, 2009

The other night I watched Cool Hand Luke and was really disinterested the whole time except for the part where he ate fifty eggs in one hour. And the end was okay.

My dad mailed me a five dollar bill so I took it to Thai Xpress because no one on the morawk board can stop talking about it so I just think about it at work all day. Last time I was there I ate with some girls I barely know from church/bike gang/trivia and it was really funny. That was the night Obama got elected. Try right now to remember everything that happened that night, there was a lot. I think about Obama in a different way than I did then, but I still think about George Bush and John McCain in the same way.

In between Cool Hand Luke and Thai Xpress I dreamed that I was in a basement with all my cousins when someone upstairs yelled that it was time to eat. We all ran up there and it was our uncle Rick standing by a giant silver tub. We each pulled a huge floppy fish tail out of the tub - actually they were more like seal tails or masculine mermaid tails - and when it was our turn we would hand the tail to Rick and he would whack it against the edge of the tub to knock all the scales off and then pour a pile of slimy steaming fish lumps on to our plate.

Ty -- February 5, 2009

Yesterday I went to church and halfway through I had to hurry to the bathroom and throw up half a gallon of orange-mango-pineapple juice. After that I felt great and I went back to church. At night I didn't watch the Super Bowl, I went to Bambino's with Matt and Will Andree for three hours. Somehow none of us had ever eaten there before, but Will had delivered bread to there. I thought it was great - the same price as Nonna's but better food and more of it. The last time I watched the Super Bowl was in Fulton at the beginning of 2007, when Kanye and Common wrote that song about it and when I made these nachos:

Ty -- February 2, 2009

I haven't had no pizzas or no sushis in so long

Ty -- January 29, 2009

Hmmm I guess I thought they were called beer rocks because like Germans ate them when they drank their beer or something. I took some to work for lunch one day and all the secretary ladies went crazy over them and acted like they were the most impressive food they'd ever seen.

On Saturday I was walking around the grocery store carrying a pineapple and an eight year old boy saw me and yelled "PINEAPPLE." His mom glanced at me and told him not to hit anyone and he looked really happy and proud of himself. I didn't know what was going on but I was really happy too. When I got home I cut up the pineapple and made some uhhhh Himalayan rice. As I was carrying the food out the door on my way to Nathaniel's house I dumped the pineapple all over my porch and just left it there. When I got over there him and Rebecca had made some good vegetables and tofu and Will Andree had made some excellent meat-wrapped pears. Soren didn't make anything because babies don't know how to cook.

Later, at the show, Alyson slipped me a handwritten recipe for white chicken chili, and as I was trying to sneak off Knathan started yelling at me about how to make some kind of burrito. Food blog is over six months old.

Ty -- January 27, 2009

Those rolls with the meat in it that Glenda gave to you are called bierrocks I think, not "beer rocks." I'm not really sure what they are though, except they are German. I was reading this story for my class about Africa and it made me think of the food blog. It was written by a Moroccan traveler in the 1300s when he was visiting the kingdom of Mali and the sultan was about to give him gifts and stuff:

"So I stood up thinking --since he called it "stuff"-- that it consisted of robes and money, and lol, it was three cakes of bread, and a piece of beef fried in native oil, and a calabash of sour curds. When I saw this I burst out laughing, and thought it a most amazing thing that they could be so foolish and make so much of such a paltry matter."

The most disturbing thing about this to me was it clearly says "lol" in the text and it was written in the 1300s. This must be either an extremely modern and unprofessional translation or "lol" means something else, but it works perfectly in the paragraph to mean "laughing out loud."

Joel -- January 24, 2009

Potatoes: how sprouted is too sprouted? A while ago I got a giant bag of potatoes and have been eating baked potatoes pretty often. Tonight when I got some out I could tell where they would have sprouted eventually if I hadn't eaten them. They hadn't sprouted at all yet, there were just the tiniest little white nubs, like a potato with smallpox. I rubbed them off and everything was fine but I'm worried the rest of the bag will be actually sprouting by the time I want to eat potatoes again.

What I have been thinking is that Missouri isn't a very good place to get fresh fruit. I feel like the only things we can grow here are apples and watermelons. All the fruit in the grocery store is all banged up and shipped from Mexico and Chile and doesn't taste like anything. If I move somewhere I want to live where it's easier to get fruit. It's probably better in basically any larger city, but what I really want is for someone to put a Spanish chip in my brain so I can go to South America. I am willing to pay up to ... six hundred dollars to have this done.

Ty -- January 22, 2009

The other day I made some good soup by cutting up and then smashing up two potatoes and an onion and like six carrots. One of my first memories of the internet is of me and Joel telling someone in a chat room that our favorite food was carrot soup, and then we had to look up a recipe to tell them how to make it because we had actually never had it and thought it sounded gross. And it was so strange that we could influence what someone who we had never met and who probably lived hundreds of miles away was going to eat. Eating is so physical and personal! The internet could do anything! Since then the internet has done all kinds of things and now we can't even tell whether something is happening on the internet or in real life.

On Saturday I ate at The French Quarter with Matt. It's new, it's across the street from Maggie's apartment. He wanted to go because Go magazine said it was good and I was a little skeptical about it because I walked past it once and the way their napkins were folded made it look like it might be too fancy for me. But we went and we sat by a mermaid fountain. I had a good huge shrimp sandwich and Matt said his gumbo was good, and we had benets or whatever and got powdered sugar all over everything. We were there for over an hour and we were the only customers the whole time. I said maybe no one was coming in because of the napkins and Matt said maybe no one was coming in because of us. I wondered if people thought we were gay and weren't coming in because they thought it was a restaurant for gays only. But it's not, anyone can go in there who wants to go in there.

I want to make some MLK Day chili this afternoon but the only food the internet will tell me that he liked was pecan pie and I don't want to put that in my chili.

Ty -- January 19, 2009

Twice this week I went into work with big globs of orange juice pulp clumped in my mustache and no one knew how to tell me. Today I'm not at work because my eyes hurt and I can't breathe and I threw up baked potatoes when I got out of bed.

A couple nights ago I went to Amigos with a bunch of people and shared fajitas with Rachel. Everything I've ever had at Amigos has been good, but fajitas are probably their best thing. I feel like I've been to Amigos a lot but now that I think about it I can only remember one other time. Two summers ago I used to go through their drive thru a lot and go eat at on the baseball bleachers at Fassnight park.

Ty -- January 15, 2008

My brother drove to Springfield to play backgammon and bring me a library book and some... "beer rocks" and the next day we went to Taylor's. While I waited for him to get there I listened to the people at one table talk about black holes and wormholes and white holes, and listened to the people at another table talk about how by the end of the year the government will have made cash illegal and then we'll have to use credit cards for everything and then they can charge us whatever they want. Tomorrow I start another job so I won't be able to go to Taylor's or Casper's again for like four months. I hope that little cafe thing is still open in the courthouse basement because I'll be working right next to it and last year they had good cookies and good other stuff but not very good biscuits n gravy.

Ty -- January 11, 2009

I went to California where we made pizza and ate salmon and chili and chocolate. Then we went to Oregon and ate at Black Bear Diner where everything had bears on it and everyone that worked there was bears. Then we went to Kansas and had tacos and hardtack and deer sausage and fried onions and pickled watermelon. Here are just a couple pictures of eating:

For Christmas I got a crockpot and a rice cooker, just like I asked for. The rice cooker makes good rice and was recommended to me by Roger Ebert. Shannon says someone else got a ricer cooker for Christmas too, but she doesn't remember who. In the crockpot I made some chili out of meat and vegetables and spices that I just dumped in there. It was okay but it needed to have more liquid and I don't know where the tomatoes went. I also want to make Guinness corned beef in there, a giant pot of it and everyone can come have some. Matt got a crockpot for Christmas too, and Colleen got a free crockpot when she bought Will some cologne.

Ty -- January 6, 2009

Last night I ate four fried eggs and half a bag of chocolate chips and then went to the newly-opened Lilly's Diner with Matt and Will and Jessica. It's where Grandaddy's used to be and they have good onion rings and very good sweet potato fries so you should go there with me when I'm back in town. I told everyone I'm leaving for a month but it's like twelve days at the most. Right now I'm in Kansas City and my cousin David is cooking us a pizza. David is thirteen. He took a cooking class at school this year and when they made chocolate chip cookies they all got sick.

Ty -- December 19, 2008

For a while I worked in an enormous underground storage facility full of thousands and thousands of barrels and boxes of cheese. If my job had been to feel tiny and climb on things and under things or think about dragons and prehistory and posthistory then I would have had a long and successful career, but that's not what they wanted me to do.

All I'm eating this week is scrambled eggs and baked potatoes. I'm constantly full and calm and happy and sleepy. This is my best and most natural state but no one gets to see me like this. Also I'm trying to bake bread again, using yeast this time. I still don't know what yeast is or how it floats around invisibly in the air but is still something you can buy in a little packet. Shouldn't yeast be getting into everything and making everything rise, not just bread dough? Yeast is why we burp it gets into our stomachs and raises up air pockets. My mom's grandma baked bread every day of her life, even when she was blind. Maybe lots of our mom's grandmas did.

Ty -- December 17, 2008

At night I have been drinking tea because it's hot and feels good and it might make me sleep better. I've also been rereading all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books because I like them and I think they're important and they only take an hour to read. The other night I read this paragraph that made me feel good about drinking tea:

With such good company, the morning seemed to go in a minute. Dinner was almost ready when Pa and Mr. Boast came back with the bobsled. The enormous jack rabbit was browning in the oven. Potatoes were boiling, and the coffee pot bubbled on the back of the stove. The house was full of the good smells of roasting meat, hot breads, and coffee. Pa sniffed when he came in.

"Don't worry, Charles," said Ma. "You smell coffee but the kettle is boiling to make your tea."

"Good! Tea is a man's drink in cold weather," Pa told her.

Everyone in these books is so funny and knows how to do so many things that no one I know knows how to do.

Ty -- December 14, 2008

I ate lunch at Casper's with Phil and two nice old guys who told us about the history of Springfield and told us we should buy Casper's. We're not going to. Remember when my dad told me I should buy The Moxie! I'm not buying anything.

At trivia they asked us what country exports the most orange juice and for some reason everyone on my team immediately insisted it wasn't the U.S. so I said maybe it was Spain because I know they grow oranges. But it's Brazil. I went home and looked at my orange juice and it's made out of oranges from the U.S. AND oranges from Brazil, which is really stupid, I'm definitely switching to another kind of orange juice. At breakfast this week everything has been the same color: my King Vitamin, my t-shirt, my Brazilian/American orange juice, the Bolivar insulation trucks and weird bushes I can see out the window.

Ty -- December 9, 2008

A stranger drank his coffee in my truck, I drank a giant root beer and threw the ice at a building I don't like.

Ty -- December 6, 2008

A little bit ago I was at some art gallery, the only reason I was in there is earlier I saw through the windows a lot of good drawings and paintings of what someone bought at a grocery store. I wanted to get a drawing of a loaf of bread or a box of crackers but they were both nine hundred dollars. The guy who painted them's mom was standing around in there and she told me I should come meet him sometime but I said I didn't live here. I don't have a job anymore so now you have to go eat lunch at Casper's with me.

Ty -- December 5, 2008

brownies are so good and easy to make

Ty -- December 3, 2008

Me and Joel went to California for Thanksgiving because that's where our mom and dad live now. We talked about food blog but not why Joel doesn't post on food blog anymore, and we ate a million things: pizza, salmon sandwich, In-N-Out, turkey, tomalito, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, another pie, scrambled eggs and black beans and avocado, a bizarre and intense lunch at a Chinese restaurant, steak and shrimp and calamari, and birthday cake.

Ty -- December 3, 2008

Yesterday I spent five hours getting a trivia team together and I guess it paid off cuz we got second place. I mean we got third, but I took a prize anyway. A Christmas tree ornament with some snowmen on it. While we figured out who our team was gonna be I ate two pieces of pizza, two junior bacon cheeseburgers, five chicken nuggets, and quite a few orange Starbursts. Probably a couple yellows too. And I watched that movie King Corn. It's about two guys who grow an acre of corn and learn about the corn industry and how almost all of the corn grown in America is either turned into high fructose corn syrup which is in everything you eat and is terrible for you, or it's fed to cows which is terrible for cows and then we eat the cows. It was an okay documentary but I already knew everything in it from reading Wendell Berry and like two chapters of Michael Pollan. One of the Michael Pollan chapters I read was about how corn has sex, it's really bizarre and cool. Right after I read about it I tried to make Shannon go to a farm and look at corn with me, but instead we got in a tornado and walked around a grocery store in Willard. In King Corn they said that we're the first generation that's going to have a shorter life expectancy than our parents. Cool, guys! At Bailey's the other night Phil was talking about Tupac, I don't remember why, and I said I liked the part in Changes where he says "Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
and let's change the way we treat each other" and I think everyone thought I was telling a joke but I wasn't life is very serious.

Ty -- November 24, 2008

Just a minute ago I was at puh puh PANASIA with Matt it's that new place downtown, it was more romantic in there than we expected and more expensive and my shrimp pad thai was pretty boring I'll probably never go there again.

Yesterday was the 145th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. In honor of the occassion Juli invented the pun 'Spaghettisburg Address' and had a party about it in Utah, and I read the speech outloud several times and made some spaghetti. It was the best spaghetti I've ever made because I made meatballs for it. A hundred times better than those meatballs I made for the first inaugural Spaghetti Monday way back on Fremont if any of you remember that. For the meatballs I had to chop up some garlic which I had never done before and I guess I had never thought about what garlic is before or maybe never even seen garlic except for like hanging in ropes from ceilings in ummm fake Italys. What garlic is is a little onion, made out of like ten even littler onions all shaped together like a pinecone.

Ty -- November 20, 2008

Someone on the internet made a comic about a hamburger turning into a toilet, I really relate to it.

Ty -- November 17, 2008

Harlow's has really good cheeseburgers too. Riders of Foodhan. Last night, or some night anyway, I dreamed that I had a job and I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing. So I started wandering around the building and there were puppies in the hallway, and people carrying rifles. I found a room that was a kitchen and there were lots of little machines in there, keeping some cheeseburgers warm. When I lifted the top bun off one of the cheeseburgers, mushrooms grew up out of the meat and out of the cheese and out of the bottom bun. They looked more like little plant sprouts than mushrooms but I knew that they were mushrooms and that they were made out of meat and cheese and bread and that I had discovered a whole new kind of science.

A couple weeks ago I planted some pumpkin and squash seeds in styfroam cups in my window and now they're starting to come up. They're growing pretty fast and they're gonna need a lot more room than little cups and it's obviously way too cold to just put them in the ground outside, so I'm thinking about filling a plastic swimming pool up with dirt and putting it in that room that's not my living room. I wonder if that would work. If I live in this house for another year I'm gonna build some raised beds and have the biggest garden in the spring.

Ty -- November 17, 2008

Food day at work: chili in my whiskers, cornbread in my keyboard.

Ty -- November 14, 2008

I just went to Grad School with Matt, they have REALLY GOOD CHEESEBURGERS. The only place I can think of that's maybe better is Taylor's. They're completely different kinds of burgers though. Last night I ate at the Mudhouse with my uncle Jimbo and some guy he works with and it was good and normal like always. The night before that I went to Pizza House with Aaron and Hayley and then we went to Andy's and then I felt sick all night. Pizza House was good but thin crust pizza is really confusing to me, I think normal crust is so much better. I feel like thin crust people wish pizza didn't even have a crust. Right now I'm at the library and some guy with a guitar is playing a lot of good songs about fishing, sometimes Springfield is the best place to live.

Ty -- November 13, 2008

My favorite thing to make lately is breakfast sandwiches for every meal.

I heard on the radio that the farmer's market is still going even though it's November now. So I tried to go this morning cuz I thought it would be fun to be surrounded by a lot of strangers wandering around in a freezing parking lot. But when I got there there was hardly anybody there and it looked too private and desperate for me to even get out of my truck so I just drove off. I drove all the way across town to Askinosie and got some really good chocolate. The one from Ecuador this time - it was good but I think I like the Mexico one a little better. They're sort of famous and important in The World Of Chocolate but no one in Springfield ever talks about them. While I was over there I also found out where Pizza House moved to. I never went to the old Pizza House because the only person I ever mentioned it to was Shannon, who said she used to go there a long time ago but it was closed now, and I believed her because it always looked closed. But then a month ago when their landlord kicked them out everyone was suddenly saying it was the best pizza place in town. So I really want to go get a pizza there so someone go with me.

What else I want to do is have a store that sells books and locally grown vegetables and has batting cages out back. And also kicking cages. I just invented kicking cages just now, they're exactly like batting cages except the machine rolls kickballs to you. Wouldn't that feel good!

Ty -- November 8, 2008

Yesterday Brett saw me standing around in the fruit section at the grocery store and said "PLEASE tell me you're just here to buy a single pomegranate." But I wasn't I was buying a pizza too. I want to do what people want me to do but I have to do what I'm actually doing. Brett is a good person to see at the grocery store because he just says one thing to you and then walks away. Later I wondered why either of us was even at that grocery store, because we both live a lot closer to different ones.

This morning I went and voted and then went to Burger King. I got a croissanwich and a big coffee and wished I would have written in Wendell Berry or David Berman for president. I wished I hadn't gotten the coffee either. It was the first time I'd had any coffee in a really long time and it made my stomach hurt and reminded me of cigarettes and being 22. I feel like I've read so many articles that start out like "You will be just be SHOCKED to hear that the top three foods that Americans eat the most of are coffee, white bread, and hotdogs!" But it's not that shocking and I never eat any of those things except some hotdogs in the summer. My mom used to always say that white bread was made out of glue but I didn't care or believe her for a long time but now I do. It's not really made out of glue though, just a lot of chemicals. I used to imagine it being made out of ground-up horse hooves because that's what glue's made out of. And I would always think about one of the really sad parts in Animal Farm. I don't know what kind of bread to get anymore though because all the bread at the grocery story is made out of chemicals, and bread from the farmer's market or that place downtown or whatever is really good but it's too soft and crumbly to use for sandwiches. Last night at the grocery store I saw something called Woman's Bread and today I looked it up and the same company also makes Men's Bread. The masculine bread has won more awards.

Ty -- November 4, 2008

Right now I'm drinking a Dr Pepper because it was 89 cents and you can win a football and Gatorade and Vitamin Water both cost like a dollar more and because I guess I like Dr Pepper now. I didn't win anything though.

I tried to make some cookies to eat during pumpkin carving but they weren't very good, they were like little chocolate chip mountains. That sounds kind of good but they weren't. I tried another batch, smaller and thinner this time, but they were still no good so I just ate all the rest of the dough. Yesterday I went over to Willis and Nadine's and they gave me a box of stuff from my grampa and gramma and there were some way better cookies in there.

This morning at the farmer's market I got some more apples and bread and a spaghetti squash. When we were carving pumpkins Alyson told me the right way to cook spaghetti squash so I'm gonna try it again. I love going to the farmer's market, my strategy is to only buy stuff from pretty girls and guys with beards who talk kind of weird. Today might have been the last farmer's market of the year though, everyone was telling each other to have a good winter.

Ty -- October 25, 2008

I ran out of cereal and didn't want to go get more so this morning I got up a little early and made some eggs for breakfast. Every time I crack an egg open I am briefly sick and terrified because what if a partially developed chicken falls out of there with sloppy feathers and tiny claws and tiny beaks. Why do chickens come in eggs anyway, and why don't humans. Because chickens have more calcium in their diets and so when a chicken is pregnant their placenta gets really hard and turns into an egg. But how does the baby chicken get any food in there, with no umbilical cord. Because it's kind of like hibernating maybe. A couple days ago at the DAV I got this book, The Golden Egg Book. It's about a bunny who finds an egg and he knows something's in the egg but he can't get the egg open and then he takes a nap by the egg and while he's asleep a duck comes out of the egg and then they're friends. The strangest and most emotional part of the book is right after the duck comes out of the egg, there is a picture of him remembering being in the egg and he says "When I was inside the egg, I thought I was alone in a small, cold duck world. But now I find myself in a large, bright world, with a bunny who won't wake up."

Ty -- October 21, 2008

When I was asleep I invented lasagna pizza. I suspect this is something that has already been invented and has a different name and is a fairly common food and that I've had it and didn't like it very much, but at the same time I suspect I have imagined something that will revolutionize the way we eat lasagna. Lasagna pizza: the lasagna you eat like a pizza. You can hold it in your hand because it's a triangle and the bottom layer is pizza crust. Thinner than normal lasagna, thicker than normal pizza: lasagna pizza.

Pizza and apples is all I eat. In the last week: pizza at South Ave with Brett, pizza from Papa John's, Kashi frozen Mediterannean pizza, really good pizza at work, pizza at South Ave with Brett and Will, pizza at South Ave with Will and Colleen. And apples: a bag of Fujis from Washington state, a bag of Fujis from Washington, Missouri, a couple green apples from some farm, a couple Jonathan apples from some farm, an apple at church, two Japanese apples from a different farm. I've been picking out the apple seeds and throwing them all over town or putting them in my pocket and taking them home to put in cups of dirt and cups of water and inside little plastic bags in the fridge. I buried two apple cores in my yard. I wasn't trying to be like Johnny Appleseed, I was just doing stuff I wanted to do and later on I remembered him.

Ty -- October 18, 2008

Last night was the vice president debate so Sarah Palin and Joe Biden finally got to meet each other and wink at each other. Daniel Zender made some good shrimp pasta to eat during it. Neither candidate said anything about food during the debate, but Palin has already said that she likes to hunt moose and make them into mooseburgers, which I think is cool, and that she likes to pay people to hunt wolves in helicopters, which I think is stupid. The hunters are in helicopters, not the wolves. If the wolves were in helicopters then we would have to hunt them. But we wouldn't be hunting them we would be at war with them. Seventeen years ago I had a dream about a wolf who could walk on his hind legs, and when he walked up the street to our church and opened the door and went in there I was so scared I woke myself up. Last night I dreamed there was a giant wall with a giant diagram of seeds and they wanted me to pick which seeds would grow into the best things to eat because we could only bring seeds where we were going and there was nothing there and we weren't coming back.

Ty -- October 3, 2008

After work today I went to the grocery store to get some boil-in-bag brown rice, which if I know how to do percentages has become 60% more expensive than it was like a year ago when I first started getting it all the time. At the grocery store I saw something new: Genesis 1:29 Bread. There's already been Ezekiel 4:9 Bread for a long time. I went home and looked it up the first time I saw it. The Ezekiel verse says "Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side." So some people decided to make some bread out of those ingredients but only put the first sentence of the verse on the package because it would seem too weird if they put the whole verse. And it IS really weird. If you read the whole chapter it's from, God tells Ezekiel to make a clay model of Jerusalem and lay next to it for 430 days and that bread up there was what he was supposed to eat while he layed there. And he was supposed to cook the bread over a fire using human poop for fuel, but Ezekiel told God that was too gross, so God was like, fine, you can use animal poop. The whole thing's symbolic of Israel being defeated and taken to Babylon and eating illegal food there, and I love it, I love how bizarre it is, but it seems like a strange way to market bread. And I don't even understand the Genesis bread, it's verse just says "Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you." And then they just made some bread out of a lot of different kinds of seeds. I might get the Ezekiel bread sometime, and make a clay model of Springfield and eat a sandwich while I lay next to it. Everyone should make a clay model of the town they live in.

Back to vomit blog: Today I was thinking that puke is the only bodily fluid that I couldn't remember being mentioned in the Bible, but then I remembered that thing in Proverbs about a dog returning to its vomit. My goal is to not throw up all month.

Ty -- October 1, 2008

From now on this is a blog about throwing up: last night was too disgusting to ever tell anyone about.

Ty -- September 30, 2008

Friday night was Riders of Rohan's one year anniversary ride, so I had tons of free cheeseburgers and vegetables and pita bread and hummus. And champagne. Then the next day I went camping and had two hotdogs and two corns and like twelve smores, and also drank a can of pork n beans which I think everyone else thought was stupid and disgusting, but that doesn't matter, it was good. For breakfast I finished the bag of marshmallows. I don't like Lucky Charms or any other marshmallow cereal that I can think of very much, but plain old white marshmallows is a great breakfast. Then we went tubing and after tubing we were in Van Buren, so we went to Jolly Cone. I had a delicious double cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. Will Andree got a Jolly Burger, which I sort of regret not getting. A Jolly Burger isn't a burger, it's like a sloppy joe with cheese and sauerkraut and other stuff. About a month ago I realized I love sauerkraut. When we got back to Springfield I accidentally left my phone in Jessica's car and all day I've been feeling helpless and kind of panicky without it.

Ty -- September 29, 2008

Me and Joel and our mom and dad went and ate at Sir Winston's, it was the funnest meal. I thought about trying to force everyone to order a different one of the Winston Churchill-themed dinners, but I realized I didn't even want one of those, I wanted a chicken-fried steak. I had a chance to try a kind of pie named after Jefferson Davis, but I refused to do it and I regret that now.

Ty -- September 23, 2008

Well I made those two loaves of bread right there. All you have to do is mix together a little flour and water and let it sit in your kitchen for four days and then yeast comes out of the air (what is yeast, why is it floating in the air, what did it do before bread was invented) and goes into your dough and then you add more flour and bake it and it turns into bread. Really hard, heavy bread, like they ate in the Old Testament and Middle Earth and middle ages. I had four bites of it and was exhausted and had to go to bed. But it was GOOD and I can't believe how easy it was to make something as real and basic as BREAD, I feel like I understand the whole history of the world and everyone who's lived a lot better.

And I've always liked Wendy's a lot but a while ago I quietly decided to never go there again because their chicken nuggets went from 99 cents to $1.29. I've got Gilmore Girls on dvd right now though, and I've been googling Alexis Bledel a lot and even if her character is ten years younger than me in the first season, in real life she's two years older than me so it's alright it's not creepy at all, TRUST me. Anyway I found out she likes Wendy's chicken nuggets and Hi-C and maybe she's hanging out in the parking lot at the Wendy's on Sunshine and Campbell, just waiting for someone to order her favorite combo, so that's what I've been doing.

Also Joel I'm not ignoring your kiwi question, I'd just rather answer it in real life. See ya tomorrow.

Ty -- September 21, 2008

Tonight I will be eating a mix of Kansas City BBQ at our rush event: Arthur Bryant's, Gates, and Jack's Stack I think. I would normally be excited but last Thursday I had Arthur Bryant's and got sick. It didn't make me sick - I was just already sick and then I ate too much. So hopefully I have better luck tonight.

I had kind of the same problem as you when I worked as a cashier at Sears and Gerbes. If I made some mistake like forgetting to ring something up it was hard for me to really care. I wouldn't do it on purpose, but I'm sure I gave some people some pretty good deals and accidentally overcharged some people too. Almost every grocery store has an alarm system so I doubt you could get away without someone noticing. I'm sure the lime idea would work though.

What happens to kiwi when you cook it?

Joel -- September 18, 2008

Aaron and Hayley acted really skeptical about the concept but I made some kiwi bread anyway. It tasted pretty boring but I still want to try mango bread.

Every time I go to the grocery store I always have a huge moral crisis. Last night I thought it would be so easy to just casually walk out with my orange juice without paying for it, and I wanted to see if it would work. Also I though it would be really funny if I held the orange juice under my arm like a football and ran out of there as fast as I could. And I usually do the self-checkout lane and want to type in that I'm buying something really cheap like limes, instead of something expensive like the big avocados. They would never know! And I'd only be hurting a giant corporate grocery store, who cares! But I never do it but not because I'm too scared to.

Ty -- September 17,2008

I ate at home all last week, had pounds and pounds and pounds of green beans, and rice and spaghetti once or twice, and then over the weekend I went to I think nine restaurants. My favorite thing I had was the Cuisine Deluxe at Anton's. It was the first time I had had non-breakfast food at Anton's and the first time I had had a cheeseburger with ham on it somewhere other than Taylor's. The ham was like an actual thick slice of ham not thin n crispy like at Taylor's, but I'll still go to Taylor's for their milkshakes when I can but they're never OPEN. None of my favorite places in Springfield are ever open. Also I think the mushrooms I had at trivia last night made me sick, so I'm sticking to onion rings from now on.

Ty -- September 15, 2008

There was no beef jerky tent the other day. But there was a tent for an experimental fruit program, and when I asked the guy in there for both an Ozark Golden apple and a Gala instead of just one or the other, he asked what that book I was carrying around was, and I was embarrassed to have to show him that I was reading a book about fruit. We talked about some things, and he told me I should go back to school and get my masters in fruit science, and I told him I would think about it but I already did and I won't. After that I went to Smokey Joe's for some bbq. Everything I've had there has been great, and right now they're trying to decide if they should stay open past November, so you ought to start going there twice a week. Corner of Bennett and Glenstone, in Smillie's parking lot. I took home the sandwich I got and while I ate it I pretended to watch football on tv, but I was actually reading a story.

Ty -- September 8, 2008

The library got me another book - What Would Jesus Eat? It basically says what everyone says, which is that you should try not to eat chemicals. Also you should ask yourself two questions before you eat anything - "Why do I eat this?" and "Would Jesus eat this?" It doesn't say anything about fasting, which I think is dumb, even though I also think fasting might be dumb. It looks like I'm fasting today, but not on purpose, and it's still only 3 o'clock. All week I was planning to go to the farmer's market this morning and get peaches and steaks and beans but then I threw up all morning. The way I know I'm done throwing up is I throw up something that looks like an egg yolk. I've always assumed that it was bile, but what if it really is an egg yolk? I'm allergic to eggs and my body stores up the yolks and then I have to throw them up. In just a minute I'm going to go to some Ozarks Festival and hopefully get some food. Last year I remember I got root beer and I think some honey, but what I want them to have is a tent full of beef jerky.

Ty -- September 6, 2008

By the time I remembered my Labor Day tradition of watching the parade and then sneaking into the Union Members Only picnic the parade was already over, so I just sort of sat around all day and made limeade and banana bread. If anyone in Springfield wants a loaf of banana bread you can have one, I made a lot. Also in a chapter of The Fruit Hunters called "Adventure" I found the following paragraph:

Roy Danforth and Paul Noren are Christian missionaries who have set up a tropical fruit preserve in the Ubangi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their Loko Agroforestry project is devoted to preservation and reforestation, primarily with fruits intended to provide sustenance. I considered visiting them, until I read reports from otherwise staid botanists explaining that traveling to this source to interview them would entail hiring a helicopter gunship and a personal militia.

That's where we used to live! I knew those guys! I don't know what's going on over there right now, their webpage hasn't been updated in almost eleven years. There's probably people I could ask.

Ty -- September 2, 2008

I don't believe you ever really hung out in guava trees that much, but I don't remember so whatever. This has been an interesting food week for me because I am back at college, but the cafeteria is still not open yet for some reason. I have been going out to eat for almost every meal and spending too much money. I also got some food at Price Chopper to try to save some money. It is a better grocery store than Gerbes where I worked. I bought 3 locally- grown peaches for 99 cents, but one normal pear at Gerbes is $1.39. I got some orange-flavored Shatto milk too - it's kinda gross, but it's really good if you don't think about it. You are supposed to buy imported fruit directly from African farmers or wherever they are - not the grocery store Ty.....duhhhhhhh. Not really, but if I find out what you're supposed to do or meet an international farmer I will tell you.

Joel -- August 30, 2008

I have been eating a lot of fruit this week, mostly mangoes and peaches, and last night I started reading The Fruit Hunters. It's by a guy who used to edit Vice magazine, and he's not a very good writer. But I'm learning a lot and thinking a lot, and wanting to go to every country and eat every kind of fruit. There's only about twenty kinds of fruit - mostly varieties of apples - in most U.S. grocery stores, and there's thousands of kinds that most of us has never heard of, and it's just a fact that there are types of fruit in the world that no human has ever eaten. In Africa I used to hang out in guava trees, knock over banana trees to build forts, overhear long discussions of mangosteen expeditions, lay on top of a truck and pull down passion fruits, chew on a starfruit while staring at the rabbit hutches behind my dad's office. Mangosteens were just legalized in the U.S. a couple months ago I think. Passion fruit is pretty famous, I mean everyone's heard of it, but I bet there's no way to get it in Springfield. They don't have it at any grocery store I've been to, and it's not like there's gonna be people growing them and selling them at the farmer's market. There's not like a secret fruit store I don't know about, is there?

Ty -- August 30, 2008

Today was Potluck Day at work and I felt bad that I didn't know about it in time to bring anything, but not bad enough to prevent me from eating piles and piles of corned beef. I guess I need to get a crockpot because I don't want to eat anything but corned beef for the rest of my life.

Ty -- August 26, 2008

On Saturday morning I went to the farmer's market and got some Amish strawberry jam. Or Mennonite jam, I think Mennonite. As I was leaving I saw Phil and Grace and Phil gave me a cd. I went home and made some sandwiches with the new jam and listened to the jams on the cd. Then I went and saw The Adventures of Food Boy and made Knathan come with me. The movie was unbearable, maybe the worst I have ever seen. It was about a kid who one day realizes he is able to make food come out of his hands but there was nothing about Jesus and nothing about puberty, what were they thinking.

Then last night I smoked a cigar and everything I ate today still tasted like it. I had some of those wild cherry M&Ms finally and they were better than I thought they would be, but maybe just because of cigar-mouth.

Recent sandwiches:

grilled swiss cheese with portabello mushrooms - YUMMMMM

turkey & swiss cheese & cream cheese & avocado - zip it up in a sandwich bag and leave it in a hot truck for four hours so everything mushes together YUMMMMM

Ty -- August 25, 2008

After work today I wanted to get pizza but no one would go with me. Actually I barely asked anyone. I went to Hardee's instead and got their prime rib burger or whatever, you know, the one where the guy thinks he's in the fanciest restaurant but he's actually in a Hardee's that has tablecloths. It was a good burger, Hardee's definitely has the best fast food of a national chain, but I couldn't finish it cuz I guess my stomach isn't used to fast food anymore.

A couple days ago I tore up my dead bean plants and mowed over the dirt where they used to be. The leaves on the cucumber plants are all brown and shriveled up now, and the cucumbers that are still on the vine are all squashed and bulbous and yellow which I think means they're dead. So I didn't have a very successful garden. I'm still planning on planting some spinach this weekend though, and maybe trying to have an herb garden in my window. I don't know anything about herbs, but the famous cookbook that my parents got me for my birthday is very insistent that fresh herbs make everything better, so the other day I rubbed some uhhh rosemary and thyme on a steak (because I had heard of those ones in that Simon & Garfunkel song) and the book was right, it tasted good. The mushrooms were still better than the steak though, I really need to get better at picking out meat.

Ty -- August 21, 2008

For lunch yesterday I went to King Tamale with Will and Colleen. If I had realized that was the name of the place I would have gotten tamales. I got tacos though, they were good and I wanna go back and get tamales. Later, after trivia, I rode bikes to the grocery store with Knathan and Jeff and DZ. DZ has a new trike with a huge basket on it. I got in the basket and Alli gave me a ride in it, but the real point of the basket is to fill it up with groceries, specifically corn and bratwursts and Gatorade. I had my first ever cheese-infused brat and it was a good thing I didn't know that's what it was or I probably wouldn't have eaten it, but it was actually really, really good. Beddar Cheddar, I think it was called. Thanks Jeff.

Ty -- August 18, 2008

Could someone please start an Ethiopian restaurant in Springfield so we feel a little cooler about ourselves. Also a place downtown with really good and cheap tacos and burritos. And if someone could start a street fashion blog.

Ty -- August 16, 2008

A long long time ago I was at Harlow's with Will and Jen and Alyson, and Jen told how her dad used to always cook patio steaks and that was still the only kind of steak she liked, but none of us believed there was such a thing as patio steak and no one in the whole town believed her either. She also told how one time she threw up and her dad reached out and caught her throw-up in his hands, which is something I think about a lot. Earlier this summer someone found a patio steak for Jen, and then last night I had a patio steak of my own. On my porch though. Patio-porch steak. At this point I wanted to put a youtube of that extremely classic Beef It's What's For Dinner commercial, but I can't find it! Instead here is a short commercial about Missouri beef:

Someone left a comment on that video that says In this day and age, people that consume beef are enviromental terrorists, have no self respect, and don't care about world hunger among other issues. Look it up, read a little!. I know its inconceivable, and it will trigger denial, but it's a fact. Deal with it and do something about it. No one has given that comment a thumbs up or a thumbs down yet, and I only know a little about that kind of stuff. I mean I have SOME self-respect.

Ty -- August 15, 2008

How can you eat that for breakfast? Weird. That's too bad about the milk. The best place in my grocery store is the back room where all the milk, produce, and eggs back stock sits. It's much colder and quieter than the rest of the store. My least favorite section is probably the spices because it is all so little and there's just hundreds of them.

I bought some fried chicken at the deli today. I didn't want any sides but the lady working back there seemed to really want me to get some. I asked what was good and she said very unconvincingly, "Everything is good at the deli..." My only real options were onion rings and fried okra so I got those two but I had to throw most of it away. The chicken was okay though.

Joel -- August 13, 2008

Last night I went to the grocery story to get some milk but didn't bring quite enough money with me. If I had brought like twelve more cents I could have gotten 2% but instead I was forced to get 1%, what a disaster. Luckily I hardly ever drink milk anymore, I mostly just put it on my Tootie Frooties in the morning. Tootie Frooties are the fake Froot Loops you can get at Price Cutter for a dollar a box.

Ty -- August 13, 2008

Got some brownies at a bakesale (LLOL) but I didn't realize they had NUTS in them AUUUUUUUHHGGHHHHGG I HATE WHEN STUFF HAS NUTS IN 1T

Ty -- August 12, 2008

No Joel, you are doing it right you are doing it perfect. Over Christmas break I read your food journal for that class, it was really funny and part of what made me want to do this blog.

Good news: this morning I was able to take communion without thinking about the food blog. But it was mostly because I was at a different church than usual and kept panicking about everything that was going on.

Shortly after communion I was at Perkins with Grampa and Gramma. I ordered a chicken-fried steak but they were out. What in tarnation!! I didn't say that out loud but I should have. Instead I ordered a non-fried, non-country steak. While we were eating, Grampa started talking about how he thinks you shouldn't drink anything when you eat your meals. Gramma interrupted him: "NO! You can! It's FINE, I talked to Layne about it!" Apparently this is an on-going source of conflict for them. Grampa's theory is that saliva is one of the most important parts of the digestion process, and that if you drink milk or water or soda or whatever when you eat, all the spit just gets washed off your food and it doesn't get digested the right way. Huh.

While they were in town I also ate several meals at Grampa's brother's house. Willis and Nadine grow a lot of their own fruits and vegetables - we had tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peaches, and beets. Beets are the summer's hottest vegetable, if you hadn't noticed. Everyone's talking about them: blogs, livejournal, magazines, the radio, even real life! Maybe next summer I'll grow some beets of my own. But what if they're not cool anymore next year. And also I seem to not be a very good gardener. All my green beans got brown and yellow this last week and died. I was watering them a lot, I don't know what else I could have done, it just got too hot. The cucumbers seem okay though. People used to really be farmers. Crop failure! Everything is real!

Ty -- August 10, 2008

It took me forever to remember eating at Mazzio's even though it was only five days ago. It's always hard for me to remember what I eat. For my Ecology of Food class last spring we had to do a food journal where we wrote down everything we ate and turn it in every two weeks. I couldn't remember to do it every night so the night before it was due I would just make up 80 percent of what I wrote down. It was hard to make stuff up too. Today at the grocery store where I work someone bought corn, but it was packaged and the stupid bar code was folded over so it wouldn't ring up. I finally just typed in the price and hit 'Produce' but it was still annoying. So try not to buy your corn in packages or with messed up bar codes. Am I just supposed to post like this or is there some way to reply to your post?

Joel -- August 9, 2008

A couple days ago my uncle Jimbo took me to the ole Lonestar where we had some good steaks. Everyone from my family always wants to eat at Lonestar when they're in town, it's hard to say why. Once I went there with my grampa and gramma and grampa said it wasn't a place he would ever take small children; I decided not to question him about it. Grampa and Gramma are in Springfield again today, I wonder what will happen.

The night after Lonestar, I drove to Lebanon and met my mom and dad and brother at Mazzio's. I always imagine Mazzio's as being the most hilarious restaurant but in reality it is a very normal pizza chain. When we moved to Fulton a hundred years ago there was a Pizza Hut and a Mazzio's right next to each other. I don't remember if I loved that or thought it was stupid. Today I would love it. I remember the Mazzio's as having a weird chandelier, but it probably didn't. It closed after a while and tried to be several other restaurants but none of them could stay open. My parents are moving to California soon, so I need to go back to Fulton and go to some restaurants there while I still can. I'm really desperate to go to Sir Winston's as a semi-joke, but I don't think anyone will go with me.

Been having corn and chicken for lunch every day.

Ty -- August 8, 2008

I had a dream that I went to the Butternut Discount Bakery near my house and bought a loaf of bread that was alternating slices of wheat and white.

Ty -- August 7, 2008

Last Sunday I took communion for like the third time in seven years, but I accidentally thought about this food blog during it. I hope that isn't too big of a deal, and I also hope that by writing this I'm not dooming myself to thinking about the food blog every time I take communion for the rest of my life. What else I have been thinking about is how one of the main things Jesus does in the Bible is eat and tell people not to worry about what they're going to eat. He's always eating with people and having people get mad at him for who he eats with. Once when I went to a monastery with Shannon and Dakotah the priest talked the whole time about how Jesus loved going to his friends' houses and eating lunch with them. I eat with my friends a lot and go to their houses pretty often but we hardly ever eat at each others' houses, we always eat at restaurants. The notable exception is BBQs and BBQs are everyone's favorite thing, so maybe we should all eat at each others' houses more often. At a BBQ the other night I grilled a lot of corn and it was so good. Maggie gave me a burger and it was so good, especially after I put some stuff on it. I don't even know what it was. Coleslaw? Potato salad? If you're ever at Daniel Zender's house eating a hamburger, I recommend finding some tupperware and putting whatever is in the tupperware on top of your burger.

Ty -- August 4, 2008

Eating at Ebbett's Field, eating at the fair, eating Quizno's in the alley, eating on Daniel's porch, eating at home, eating at home, eating at home, eating at home. For lunch today I made spaghetti. Spaghetti is the easiest thing to make and one of the best things to feel full of. I bet it would be so easy to make your own spaghetti sauce but the kind that costs $1.92 is good enough for me. After I ate the spaghetti I waited for Dakotah to wake up and realized I wanted to eat a lot of chocolate. There's supposedly a chocolate factory in town, but I don't know where it is and I don't know where to buy the chocolate it makes. One time I hurt someone's feelings by saying I didn't believe in the chocolate factory. I went to the grocery store, bought some Ghirardelli and a sweet potato. On the way home I realized what I actually wanted was a giant soda so I went to the gas station closest to my house. Lots of people were hanging out in the parking lot, drinking fruit punch from gallon jugs. SPRINGFIELD RULES

Ty -- August 4, 2008

On the way to Barack Obama this morning, me and Knathan stopped at McDonald's and I had the first McGriddle of my life. Some girl had the first McGriddle of her life too. Everyone in the Obama line was eating McDonald's, except Natalie James, but luckily she got McDonald's delivered to her. After watching Obama me and Knathan went to Buckingham's. Buckingham's is my favorite bbq in town, and I hadn't been to the southside one in like two years. I like it better than the new northside one, even though the new one is confusing and always hilarious to eat at. In between McDonald's and Buckingham's I heard Fat Boys on the radio and got really happy. I always forget about Fat Boys but maybe if I make them the official soundtrack of this blog I'll never forget about them again.

Ty -- July 30, 2008

The last few times I've been to Sonic their slush machine has been broken, it sucks, how am I supposed to stop drinking soda all the time if everyone keeps FORCING me to.

I grilled chicken for lunch again today and did a better job this time. Also I grilled some eggplant. It seems likely that it was the first time I had ever purposely eaten eggplant. It tasted about like I thought it would, sort of boring and squashy, but I loved what the inside of it was like. You know all those books where people go to other planets and they find gigantic forests of vegetables and the vegetables are sort of alive? The inside of an eggplant feels exactly like those do! Why is it called eggplant and why is it so purple.

Ty -- July 29, 2008

For three days in a row my lunch was a junior bacon cheeseburger with no lettuce or tomato, nine chicken nuggets and a huge Coke from Wendy's. The drive-thru at the Wendy's on Sunshine is the fastest drive-thru in the state. Normally my rule is to eat at home if I'm eating by myself but it looks like I'm just ignoring that rule this week. I tried to grill some chicken for lunch but it didn't turn out too great. The main problem might have been that it was really cheap and frozen, it sucks that decent meat is so much more expensive than crappy meat - twelve bucks for a couple free-range chicken breasts!! - but maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

This afternoon I went to Pineapple Whip with Katie. So far this summer I have had pineapple whip, grape whip, orange whip, and pineapple-grape whip; still need to get orange-pineapple and orange-grape.

Ty -- July 28, 2008

For lunch I met Jessica at Merle's and we ate some hotdogs. For a long time I only put ketchup on hotdogs, nothing else. Actually for a long time I couldn't eat hotdogs and would gag every time I had to take a bite of one. I put cheese and onions and ketchup and mustard all over my one today but Jessica just put ketchup. The best hotdog of my life was in like February when me and Matt and Daniel Zender left Riders to go to a hotdog stand and I had so much nacho cheese and chili pouring all over my shirt. Oh yeah that picture up there is of some mushroom pasta I made, it was pretty good.

Ty -- July 24, 2008

I found some peanut M&Ms in my backpack from when I went to see John McCain with Knathan and John and Alyson and Shannon and Dakotah. I used to not like peanut M&Ms but now I do.

Ty -- July 23, 2008

Today was a big day for me so I started a food blog. I was handed a peach while riding an elevator and I grilled a tiny steak and some mushrooms. The mushrooms were really good, the steak was just okay. What's more important though is that I got the first cucumber out of my garden. Cucumbers are weird looking vegetables, but most vegetables look weird and I think that's the main reason I like them. My cucumber had a lot more seeds than I thought it would. I ate some of it with my supper and then ate more of it later on a sandwich that was just bread and cream cheese and cucumber. It wasn't a very good sandwich, I don't know what I'm gonna do with all these cucumbers.
Ty -- July 24, 2008