year in review

the year in cats


when i had to sleep in Knathan and Jen and Alyson's garage but at least a cat would sleep with me

when Abby got a cat and it got stuck under the cabinets and they tore up their whole kitchen and then the cat moved to the farm and grampa named it Casper and it was terrified of all humans except grampa and it sleeps with him and it won't even make eye contact with me

when i was laying in Shannon's street and i saw her cat jump in my truck but it was actually the neighbor's cat

when we were spending the night in Houston, MO and the hotel's cat spent the night in my truck

when me and Will and Dakotah went to the fair and afterwards we saw a minivan throw a box full of cats into the ditch and we spent half an hour trying to rescue them into Dakotah's car

when i was in the canyon and i was being powerful and alone in the world but then a cat was sitting on a rock and watching me

probably a lot more events

i thought there were a lot more pictures than this