When I woke up I was still in the hospital and John McCain was still sitting in the chair beside my bed. He didn't know I was awake and he was leaning forward with his head in his hands, crying. I wondered if he was crying about his campaign or because I was in the hospital, and I wished I had bigger hands and that I was a detective or a famous celebrity so I could put my big hands on his trapeziuses and shake him a little and tell him it was alright, that not every decent man gets to be president, but he was doing a good job and it was gonna be alright. Now he was snuffling a little and wiping his nose, and I thought about how old he was. My cellphone started clattering around on the table attached to my bed and John McCain looked up, his eyes wide and wet and his skin all splotchy, and I pretended I was just waking up and I looked at my phone. Watch Barack debate John McCain tonight at 9pm ET on any of the major networks or cable. Fwd this msg & remind friends to register to vote at VoteForChange.com John asked who it was and I said no one. "Don't you have a debate tonight John?" I asked. "Aah! That's right! Better get ready!" He hurried into the bathroom and closed the door. He was in there for a long time and I heard a lot of splashing and wondered where my nurse was. When he came out his face looked a little better but the front of his shirt was all wet. He put his jacket on and stood at the foot of my bed and glanced at the tv and asked if I had a tv in here. "Yeah," I said, "I'll watch tonight. You'll do good. You're doing good." He wouldn't look at me and mumbled that I didn't have to say that, then mumbled something else and waved as he wandered out the door. I looked at each wall of the room and wondered where my nurse was. I didn't know if I was allowed to go to the bathroom. John McCain popped back in the room and tossed something at me that landed on my chest. Peanut Butter M&Ms. "Thought ya might like these!" He twisted his jaw and snickered in a way I knew was meant to be encouraging. Then he was gone again and I slowly ate the M&Ms.